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A Rogerian Argument consists of: 1. Totally value-neutral history/background of


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A Rogerian Argument consists of: 1. Totally value-neutral history/background of the larger issue and the specific problem. 2. Presentation of both sides of the issue. 3. How and under what conditions these positions are valid. 4. Transition to your point and make it. 5. Reconcile the two sides and prove the benefits of reconciliation. Compromise and thesis. 6. Conclusion looks to the future. OUTLINE FOR THE ESSAY (MUST NOT CHOOSE SIDE. NO PERSONAL OPINIONS)
Introduction: provide a neutral background of what sex education looks like in theclassroom (One state that is total abistence-only and one state that teaches safe sexand usage of contraceptives)
A. Provide date of teen pregnancy and STDs rates in the USII.Present both sides of the issues – Abstinence vs. Comprehensive Sex Education
A. Teens who refrain from sex, according to absinence only sex education, are in better health than those who engage in sexual activities.
B. Comprehensive sex education teaches youth how to use contraceptives likecondoms and birth control tablets to protect themselves from disease andunexpected pregnancies.
III. Abstinence – How is it valid?
A. Sex should be kept for marriage, according to a large majority of parents andteenagers. Because of these figures, proponents of abstinence education feel itshould be the standard sex education program.
B. The program not only looks at the harm of premarital sex, but also how it might impair adolescents’ mental health.
IV. Comprehensive Sex Education – How is it valid?
A. Statistics shows that over 30% will have sex before the age of 15. It is importantto teach safe sex methods.
B. Does improve student’s mental and physical health – especially those who are LGBTQIA+.
C. Comprehensive sex education programs have been shown in studies to reducerates of sexual activity and sexual risk behaviors.
V. The issue
A. While although both sides of methods have been implemented in schools, thebiggest barrier are state’s laws and parent’s consent
B. Too often parents does not want their kids to learn about sex ed but there areparents who does
VI. Solution – Parents and children should have a say in what class they want to take
A. It is important to take in consideration of what a student is comfortable withlearning
B. Most students will want to learn more about sex ed1. LGBTQ+ students often are excluded from sex ed and feel confused about their bodies
C. Abstinence- Plus education1. Abstinence-plus education programs look further into the context andmeanings of sex.2. Recognize that many teenagers will become sexually active and promoteabstinence from sex.
3. Include discussions regarding contraception, abortion, and sexuallytransmitted illnesses while teaching about contraception and condom use.
VII. Conclusion
NOTES : introduction should end with a presentation of both sides of the argument and not any stance.
opinions should not appear anywhere in the essay. Must remain neutral and avoid first and second person point of view.
Even your common ground/resolution, and you need to include one, must be neutral and make both sides happy.
Conclusion should not include resolution. Instead, look towards the future of the debate at hand
Documentation (35%
The student has:
1. Effectively utilized 5-6 approved sources 2. Illustrated the effective use of parenthetical references
3. Illustrated the effective integration of quotations 4. Illustrated the effective use of summary / paraphrase skills
5. Applied MLA style concepts in a Works Cited page Content and Organization (40%) The student has: 6. Described the topic/conflict effectively in the introduction 7. Demonstrated an understanding of both sides of the conflict
8. Reconciled the two sides and provided the benefits of reconciliation
9. Organized sufficient detail in a coherent manner providing the audience with effective transitions 10. Synthesized source information to demonstrate an understanding of the selected topic 11. Applied effective strategies for expository summation without introducing new material Style and Mechanics (25%) The student has: 12. Applied college-level word choices (diction) 13. Applied standard sentence structure using clear, concise Standard English, avoiding comma spliced or
run-on sentences and sentence fragments 14. Recalled basic grammar rules, especially in verb forms 15. Applied standard rules for punctuation 16. Applied standard rules for capitalization, spelling, typing


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