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Assignment Content Students will submit a term/research paper that illustrates s


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Assignment Content
Students will submit a term/research paper that illustrates
self-awareness and their understanding of the theoretical concepts of
psychosocial and systems theory, social forces and social identities in human
development. Each student must analyze
his or her own behavior during middle childhood (6-12 years) OR early
adolescence (12-18 years) in terms of the theoretical frameworks discussed in
class and review of pertinent literature. This paper is expected to describe
his or her management of each task in this stage and of the psychosocial
crisis. Special attention must be given to the ways in which development was
influenced by the family, small groups (peers) or organizations (church,
school, scout, etc.) and by gender, race, socioeconomic status, and/or other
specific social forces (unemployment, parent involvement in war effort,
rural/urban residence, etc.).
All papers must be typed, double-spaced, and carefully
edited, following APA format. The paper should be 7 to 9 pages in length and
include documentation (use of articles from current journals). More than five
(5) grammatical errors are unacceptable.
APA Manual (6thedition) – Please ensure the following APA
guidelines are used:
· Times New Roman
Style font
· 12 pt. font
· Double-Spaced
· Correctly
formatted in-text citations
· Correctly
formatted Reference list
· Header (includes page numbers)
· Abstract (at
least 150 words)
Paper outline
Introduction- Descriptive Data: name, age, race, current
marital status, religion, occupation, and place of birth. 2 pts
Developmental/Personal History: Nature of your mother’s pregnancy with you
(prenatal care, complications, developmental milestones and/or problems, family
situation during this period, illness, injuries, play patterns, relationships
with peers, abuse issues, separation issues, academic performance, interest,
hobbies, occupational/employment history (if worked during this time period), dating,
sexual orientation, sexual abuse, substance abuse, medical history, legal
history, significant relationships, social position (introvert v. extrovert),
involvement in community, church, or school activities. 3 pts
My name is De’Anthony Ford I’m a 24-year-old
African American. I’m from Montgomery, Alabama born and raised. I have a smart 2-year-old
daughter that I love very dearly. Currently I’m a first semester senior in
college majoring in Psychology and I also work as a cook. I’m not a perfect
person but I do believe in God and the word of God. After I graduate, I tend to
go to grad-school to be a Counselor. I love to explore and travel to learn new
things. I have plans to start a business and buying properties to expand my
horizon. The main thing I love doing is being around my family. My family means
a lot to me, and I always feel like I’m the black sheep of the family because my
family expects a lot of me. I always tend to go above and beyond in everything I
do which makes me different and outstanding.
Adolescents (12-18)
this time period I started to learn myself and I wasn’t that much very
talkative. I was always an AB honor roll student and use to receive awards from
school and church. I was very much an introvert which I enjoyed being by myself.
I played football when I was 14 in the 9th grade. People always love
being around me at school because I was kind a person, so I got along with
everybody. At 15 I did try marijuana for the first time with my cousin and it didn’t
turn out well. I got so high I was experiencing panic attacks for almost a
whole year. Since then, I looked at life different because I felt like I was
dying. It changed me how I look at life dealing with influences because at the
time I was trying to fit in. I was careful with how I eat, drink, and I also
exercised a lot after that incidence because I was trying to do positive things
to promote a healthier life. After, I came back around which I been communicating
with more people and starting to learn myself. In 11th grade I played
football again and ran track.


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