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Below is a list of companies that you can choose from to do our Marketing Analys


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Below is a list of companies that you can choose from to do our Marketing Analysis and Plan. Please have a look as soon as you can. I ave narrowed the companies down to two which I think I could closely relate to since I will have to do a power point presentation.
These are all small companies so it is unlikely you can find their marketing plans on line and simply rewrite them into a paper. You will need to find mostly indirect sources, which will require you to do real research and draw your own conclusions. You must determine what market the company is in and research that to find competitors (you might be able to find their marketing strategies online), and make your recommendations as to what strategies your company should follow. This assignment also has an APA factor, so you will need to cite your sources both in-text and have a Sources page.
So there are two parts to the assignment. First, it is an analysis of the company. Second, you need to make some recommendations based on what you find in your research, and based on your experience and prior learning as a marketing student.
To make the process easier I will post an outline of what needs to be done. This will help get you started because you will see the what needs to be covered, and will provide organization. (see attached
I will post a series of PPT recordings to review each section of the paper.
Please have a look at the companies listed below as soon as you can so you can choose one and get started with at least preliminary work. You will be very familiar with the parts of the Plan outline so you don’t need to wait for me to review the sections before you get started PLEASE LET KNOW ASAP which one you chose…
Glossier | Skincare & Beauty Products Inspired by Real Life
The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App – Zwift
I have attached the marketing plan template the professor gave us to use, which MUST be used for the entire outline of the paper. THIS IS 50% of my grade and I will need to do a power point presentation. I would like to review the sections as they are completed…
I have also attached the power point and voice explanations for each chapter, which covers alot.
This is from my syllubus:
Use the checklist below to prepare the assignment:
1. Follow APA 7th style for all requirements.
2. Submissions must follow the rules of basic writing fundamental.
Type in a 12-point font, and in 1.5 line spacing.
3. Your submission must include appropriate terminology and concepts. Your response should illustrate an understanding of theory and must
integrate and apply knowledge gained from reading the text, suggested articles and research conducted on the topic.
4. Students will conduct original research to compose insightful responses.
5. Do not use or cite the textbook, any online dictionary, or tutorial reference. GOOGLE searches, blogs, company homepages, Wiki, ASK, or
ABOUT-like sources are not acceptable. See below for suggested references.
Academic writing is formal, not casual or informal. Please adhere to the guidelines below in all written assignments.
1. Do not use first person, second or third person points of view .
2. Do not use phrases such as I think that, I believe that, I feel that, in my opinion, etc.
3. Do not use slang or other informal diction.
4. Write out all contractions: can’t should be cannot, for instance.
5. Do not begin sentences (or phrases/clauses within sentences) with ANY of the following words: AS, IT, IN, THERE, THIS, THAT, THEY, THEIR, BY,
6. Do not use THAT when referring to people. The pronoun WHO refers to people.
7. Caution, “To be” verbs should be used sparingly: is, are, was, were, etc.
8. Use commas and semi-colons properly.
9. Do not use pretentious words intended to impress the reader.
10. Stay away from using could, might, may, maybe, probably, etc.
11. Use THAT and WHICH correctly .
12. Use apostrophes properly for singular and plural possessive noun forms.
Suggested relevant periodicals and data sources – There are literally, thousands of Web sites that offer data. Commercial and Online Database Services are paid sources
which means data is supplied to subscribers only. Many Internet Data Providers, however, offer data free or at little cost. For this reason, students are to use the NJCU
Library database. Many of the assignments /requirements in this course will require original research. Please use the following sources extensively. Please use the NJCU
library database.
A. Internet Data Sources. The best way to access free sources is by an Internet search engine, surveying specific topics. Try these: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Edgar database provides financial information on public companies. The Small Business Administration site provides a rich variety of information for small business managers, along with links to many other relevant web
sites. Is CNN Interactive site that provides recent news articles online. Ecola’s 24-Hour Newsstand links users to the sites of over 2,000 journals, newspapers and related publications.
B. Examples of academic marketing literature, i.e., from a professional “scholarly” journal authored primarily by university professors. This includes:
Advances in Consumer Research Journal of Applied Psychology
Journal of Service Marketing Journal of International Consumer Marketing
Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management Journal of Consumer Behavior
Journal of Marketing Journal of Business Strategy
8 | Page
Journal of Consumer Policy Harvard Business Review
Journal of Communication Journal of Consumer Marketing
Journal of Marketing Research Journal of Retailing & Consumer Services
Journal of Consumer Psychology Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science
Journal of Market Research Journal of Public Policy and Marketing
Journal of Advertising Journal of Consumer Research
Journal of Consumer Satisfaction Journal of Advertising Research
Journal of Consumer Psychology Journal of Product Innovation Management
C. Examples of applied marketing literature, i.e., from a trade or practitioner publication authored by “real-world” practitioners. This literature includes:
Advertising Age Marketing News and Marketing Management
Marketing and Media Decisions Adweek
INC. Magazine Management Review
Stores Magazine Direct Marketing
American Demographics Marketing Communications
Product Marketing Sales and Marketing Management
Brandweek Marketing Research: A Magazine of Management and Application
D. Such literature also includes any other commercial/business magazines or newspapers containing a substantive in-depth (several pages) article on marketing
These publications include:
Barron’s Forbes
Business Horizons Fortune
Bloomberg Businessweek Fast Company
Industry Week Marketing & Media Decisions
Nation’s Business Psychology Today
Wall Street Journal
E. Trade Publications with an emphasis on electronic marketing and technology:
Computerworld – Techie news stories on the IT industry Marketing VOX News – A stream of daily articles on e-advertising
Search Engine Watch – News on portals and search sites – A mixture of tech news and business reports
iMedia Connection – A mix of analysis and news Wired News – Analysis of trends and fads
Internet news – Tech news and marketing applications ZDNet News – Technology news including e-commerce and e-marketing


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