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Can you revise and rewrite this essay: After reading the essays from “Blue-Colla


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Can you revise and rewrite this essay:
After reading the essays from “Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose and “Hidden Intellectualism” by Gerald Graff, I completely understand the premise of why they wrote them. I believe it’s more about society learning to appreciate everyone for what they do. I believe intelligence can be defined in many ways such as creativity, problem solving, planning things such as events, having the emotional knowledge and capability to understand certain situations and how to react to those same situations. Society allows others to be judged based upon what they look like or what they do. If we didn’t have farm workers due to how society views them then we would have no crops and all the crops that we “planted” would’ve been artificial, correctional officers are looked down upon because they work in a prison so that means they lack knowledge but if we didn’t have prison wardens there would be a significant amount of prison breaks, fights, etc.
They must assess the situation before even making a move because the approach they might take can maybe escalate the situation which is not what they want. I believe society should recognize accomplishments of such because I can relate to that. I work in a retail store, Polo Ralph Lauren, and when I go to work, I know exactly what to do without someone having to tell me. I’ve always been a student who lacked in some way, shape, or form when it comes to book smarts but if you left me in a completely new environment to figure out everything by myself, I would pass that test with flying colors because my brain operates better when it’s now a survival type of test.
Society not allowing kids from the hood to fully express themselves it leads to what the stereotype is when living in the hood such as you’ll become a gang banger, them robbing stores just to have some form of currency to get food, then doing illegal jobs to make money because they didn’t have to opportunity to do it legitimately. Mr. Graff’s focus was on Book smarts vs Street smarts. Mike Rose wrote a reading called the “Blue Collar Brilliance” and in this reading he speaks about how school intelligence and how by society standards it’s measured by how much schooling you have or had but he challenges that by showing us that intelligence is not only measured by how much schooling you had or if you have a master’s degree. In his story he spoke about his mother and about the Blue-Collar workers, he stated that these workers were quick on their feet and because of that they have very good cognitive skills that many people with a degree don’t due to lack of experience. He talks about the tasks such as farming, construction, and being a waiter all become muscle memory which is also a form of procedural memory. The tasks become a repetition, and that’s how people really mastered those chores that were required. It is far more than just perfecting the work through trial and error. It requires a significant amount of work, and you don’t just perfect it through just a few mistakes, it also takes skills to do what they do. It requires the brainpower of a skilled experienced person which are also White-Collar workers.
In Graff’s reading he spoke about Book smarts and street smarts. He explained that book smart can take different forms which also hides the hidden intellectualism. He then says intellectualism is labeled as nerdy. When he was younger, he was afraid to show his intellectual side because they would call him names so to prevent that he suppressed that side of him which is a normal human tactic to stop getting bullied. He realized through reasoning and arguing that he is very intellectually smart and how he can hold a great conversation due to that. He told the story about Michael Warner who is a man that also realized his intellectual side. There are many different forms of intelligence such as Interpersonal, Naturalistic, intellectual, and Spatial intelligence. With Mike Rose it also about intelligence but his is mainly focused on equality between both type of workers. He believes both Blue-Collar and White-Collar workers have the intelligence to complete their task at hand. People in the army are looked down upon due to them potentially not having the book smarts because of poor grades but their street smarts are impeccable. They know their ins and outs in different situations. But also, aren’t seen as competent and/or intelligent because their grades in school weren’t up to par and that’s why they had no choice but to join the army. These workers had hard manual labor and that’s where “Blue-Collar” got its name from, people who must deal with difficult and exhausting manual labor such as mining, construction, agriculture, maintenance, etc. Mike Rose believes that people who work in Blue Collar type jobs are extremely intelligent just as people who got the schooling they desired.
He believes Blue Collars are just as intelligent as White Collars because both types of jobs require multitasking, brain power, critical thinking, teamwork skills, etc. but people down look on people who didn’t get the schooling due to being less fortunate, or not having the book smarts as others. Mike Rose’s story is very similar to Gerald Graff’s story; these two are compared because both authors talked about book smarts vs street smart and how society looks at them differently. In Graff’s story, he talks about young people who are incredibly street smart but does poorly in school. They’re smart but they can’t seem to put that intelligence on paper while also using it in everyday life. Colleges and schools don’t allow students to use street smarts, if you don’t have the grades, you probably won’t get into any college and when you don’t then you find something else to do such as people from the hood. They either don’t have the funds to go even if they had the book smarts. Students from Chicago cannot afford college and even if these kids can get into a good college, they have no choice but to suppress that dream and focus on trying to make money the alternative way.
This is comparable to “Blue Collar Brilliance” because people overlook the skills you gain from a workplace language, Mike Rose recognizes that the accomplishments of his relatives such as his uncle Joe who didn’t pursue much of a high education but still had advanced social, and problem-solving skills was looked upon. Neither the Blue-Collar workers nor the kids from the hood had any choice in what they really want. These kids are normally profiled as low-income people who live in poor urban neighborhoods where the crime rate is through the roof which is probably don’t have, they congregate in the street to fight and disrupt the peace but then their neighborhood gets gentrified, and they basically get pushed out group by group until it’s now a “civilized” area. This is what society sees as normal, an area where you are middle to high social class, you have goals, etc. Society looks down on people from the hood and the Blue-Collar workers because they had to do what was necessary to make two ends meet. Mike Rose emphasized that workers require a different set of skills because they constantly must do something repetitive that makes times, smarts and substantial effort.
To complete a task and allow students to write about things their interested in isn’t a pedagogical cap-out because if these students who don’t have the book smarts continue to be misguided then there’s going to be a continuation of students just rushing to get out of high school to do things they’re interested in or must do something they weren’t even thinking about doing


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