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Consider the scenario you already selected in Unit I for your course project: Co


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Consider the scenario you already selected in Unit I for your course project:
Considering Malpractice (p. 7) or
EMT Response and Motor Vehicle Law (p. 13).
Continuing as the legal aide, you are now asked to prepare a summary and review of the process the organization has for determining competency at the time the employee in the scenario was hired and in an ongoing manner, which is typically an annual evaluation.
As this case is hypothetical, you will use a current or former organization where you were employed as the basis for the organization of the subject’s employment. If you do not have current or former experience in an emergency medical services (EMS) organization, you may research and contact an EMS agency of your choosing to help answer the questions.
You should identify specifically those components that speak to the issues in the scenario you selected. Your paper should include a summary of the following:
The specific components of the application and hiring process used to determine whether the employee met the minimum performance standards that play a role in the case.
Summarize the steps taken by the organization to ensure ongoing competency in the areas of performance questioned in the scenario.
Identify any state or local laws and regulations with which your agency is required to comply that relate to the ongoing competency of personnel in the affected area.
What evaluation instruments does the organization use to measure competence in the affected area?
If a deficiency is identified at any point in the employment of the individual, what types of remediation efforts would be made to bring the employee into compliance?
Your paper should be a minimum of three pages, not including the title and reference pages.
You must use a minimum of three sources, not including your textbook. These may include peer-reviewed articles, professional organization websites, and government websites/documents.
Side Bar Considering Malpractice
Consider this example of a medical malpractice action: Two EMTs are called to transport an elderly male from a nursing home to the local hospital. They arrive at the scene and observe that the patient is morbidly obese and has a BiPAP in place. The patient is in respiratory distress. The EMTs place an O2 saturation detector on the man’s finger and see that his O2 saturation is only 84 percent. The patient is moved to a stretcher, and the EMTs attempt to intubate him after administering a paralytic through IV tubing that was placed by the nursing home staff. One of the EMTs misses the first intubation and must ventilate the patient for 2 to 3 minutes with a bag-valve mask. Both EMTs reattempt the intubation two more times, and on the third try, using an endotracheal tube with a lit stylet, they believe that they are in the trachea but fail to confirm placement of the tube following local protocol. The transport time is 15 more minutes. At the time of arrival at the emergency room (ER), the ER physician discovers the tube placement is in the esophagus, so he reintubates the patient, who immediately goes into cardiac arrest and dies.


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