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Details for News Story #1 Assignment: Write an appropriate headline and a news s


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Details for News Story #1 Assignment:
Write an appropriate headline and a news story of about 200 words based on the facts provided below.
Combine your knowledge of inverted pyramid news writing style with your knowledge of Canadian Press style, proper spelling, and grammar to produce an interesting, well-written story.
Your story should have at least five (5) paragraphs. Remember, not every detail is newsworthy. Decide what must be included and what must not.
Proper grammar, spelling, and CP style are required. Read your copy carefully before submitting your work.
Submit your work as a Word document, 12 point Arial font, double-spaced.
Note: These story details are in random order.
• The Transportation Safety Board is investigating.
• It happened yesterday.
• Dean Willis and Deborah Crane own an airplane.
• It is a 1979 Mooney four-seat single-engine plane.
• Dean and Deborah arrived at Goderich Municipal Airport around 8 a.m.; they both live in Goderich.
• They walked around the airplane to inspect it.
• Both Dean and Deborah are licensed pilots.
• On this occasion, they decided Dean would fly, with Deborah as his passenger.
• They decided they would fly north along the Lake Huron coast toward Tobermory, circle that town and then return to Goderich.
• Visibility was good — about 80 kilometres.
• Dean and Deborah borrowed about $30,000 two years ago from the Goderich branch of the Bank of Montreal to buy the plane.
• Deborah has a cocker spaniel named Bomber.
• They flew at an altitude of about 2,000 meters for most of the trip.
• As they approached the airport on their return descent at 11 a.m., Dean was cleared by the tower to land on Runway 32.
• The wind was from the northwest at 22 km/h.
• It was still sunny and visibility was good.
• Dean radioed to the tower that he was having trouble lowering one of the plane’s two wheels. It was the left wheel.
• Dean circled the airport twice, trying to get the wheel to go down and lock into place, without success.
• With fuel running low, Dean received permission from the aircraft controller in the tower to land anyway.
• Dean touched down on one wheel. As the plane slowed, it leaned over and skidded down the runway, the left wing scraping along the tarmac.
• The airplane’s propeller was bent and its left wing was torn open in spots where it had scraped the runway.
• The airport dispatched an ambulance and a fire engine to the north end of the runway, but neither was needed.
• The runway was not damaged.
• No one was hurt.
• In an interview, Huron OPP Constable Stacey Culbert said, “The Transportation Safety Board will try to determine why the landing gear failed to come down properly. The crash landing was unfortunate, but everyone is OK.”
• Culbert said no charges would be laid.
• Deborah spent most of the trip photographing the Lake Huron coastline.
• Culbert said that Dean had told the Goderich air traffic controller that there was an unusual vibration in the plane over Kincardine on the return trip, but it seemed to disappear.


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