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Discussion needs to be 300 words This week’s readings relate the tremendous chan


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Discussion needs to be 300 words
This week’s readings relate the tremendous changes that occurred across the northern Plains for the indigenous populations: the advent of horses, guns, the ravages of smallpox, the decimation of the bison population, and the change of how U.S. laws were made for Native Americans. (There were no more treaties only laws or Executive Orders.) Choose one change and describe how it will affect the Native Americans. Which one do you think was the most detrimental to their way of life? Or which one will have the most lasting effects? Response needs to be 100 words
Many tremendous changes occurred throughout the country for the Native Americans. Many diseases carried over by the Anglo-Americans ravaged the population numbers of the Natives, technology was advancing quickly for the Native Americans as guns and horses introduced a societal change, and the United States government decided to no longer create treaties with the tribes; instead, the government opted to only operate by executive orders and laws.
All of these changes were indeed decimating to the Natives, but I believe that the destruction of the buffalo population affected the Native Americans the most. With the technological advances of horses and firearm weaponry, the Native Americans could hunt more effectively than ever. However, with the creation of the transcontinental railroad across Native American land as well as the many anglo-American emmigrants, the very livelihood of the plains Indians became even more endangered. On the eastern coast, companies found that buffalo leather could be used to mass-produce belts, and as such more demand made way for more hunters to show up suing the railroads; not only this, but the railroad companies consumed more and more resources.
The overhunting from the Anglo-Americans decreased the Native Americans’ food supply greatly and therefore disrupted another factor of the Indians’ civilization. As such, the Native Americans were soon forced to choose between suffering starvation or heading to the reservations that the United States government presented.
“By 1860, the United States had achieved Thomas Jefferson’s dream and built an ocean-to-ocean republic … American expansion to the Pacific brought devastation to the indigenous population of California and defat and dispossession to Indian nations … ” (Calloway, p. 329).
Indeed, the United States government believed they had “won the west”, and that the Native American story was over, that the remaining natives were simply fighting to stop the inevitable future. However, in actuality, “… Indians who fought and died however did so to defend their homelands families and ways of life and to try and ensure their people survived in the future.” (Calloway, p. 304-305)


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