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Erikson Annotated Bibliography Total project is worth 435 points. This is a requ


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Erikson Annotated Bibliography
Total project is worth 435 points.
This is a required key assessment. If you do not complete the assignment, you will not pass the course, regardless of what other work you complete. I cannot stress how important this assignment is to you.
Mandatory Assignment
100 points over all completed paper. 20 points for on time submission. Each section is worth 35 points. 315 total with eight stages plus reflection. 435 total possible.
This assignment is due November 29, 2021
This assignment addresses NAEYC Standards: 1a, 4a, 4d, 5a, 6d, and Supportive Skills: 1, 3, 4, 5
For this assignment, an autobiography is written using Erikson’s Eight Stages of Life as a framework. The purpose of the assignment is to demonstrate that you are able to take an early childhood theory and apply it to a specific person or event, and use that information to reflect on your own practice to promote positive outcomes for children.
The paper will consist of eight Stages (description and My Life section for each stage), a Reflection and a References page. The final, entire assignment will be graded as individual parts and the whole paper.
Stages: Each section begins with the name of that stage and the ages it covers as a heading. For example, “TRUST VS. MISTRUST”, ages of birth to one year. Following the heading, include a brief description of the stage and its conflict/resolution issue (crisis) under Erikson’s theory . This section should be 200-300 words. Use proper in-text citation in APA format within this description. These authors will match with your list of references that will appear at the end of this entire assignment. Be sure you use your text book, along with three other scholarly authors. Examples: journal articles, text books, (go to Ivy Tech’s online Library for journals.)
My Life: Next, each stage section will contain autobiographical information titled My Life as a heading. Your autobiographical information should reflect on the conflict/resolution issue (crisis) of that stage of life as reflected in Erikson’s theory. This section should be 200-300 words. Support your explanation with evidence and examples from your experiences at this stage in your own life. Be sure to answer the following questions in this section of the autobiography.
What was happening in your life at this stage?
What are your memories?
What stories have you been told?
What life experiences you had?
Who were the primary influences on your development at this stage?
How did they hinder or promote your development?
REFLECTION: Now that you have researched the content and perspective of Erikson’s theory, you will show your understanding and knowledge by reflecting on your own practice and perspective and how you can better support relationships and interactions in your own work with children and families. You will also tell what you learned about yourself through the process of writing this paper.
In one page (300 words), tell about a situation with a child where this theory could have helped you support the child’s development. Include the child’s stage and their conflict/resolution issue (crisis), and why you think so. Tell what is hindering this child’s positive development and what you might suggest for this child, to promote a positive outcome to the issue. Suggest at least two activities from the following list: language and literacy; the arts – music, creative movement, dance, drama, visual arts; mathematics; science, physical activity, physical education, health and safety; and social studies.
REFERENCES: After all eight stages and reflection have been concluded, include a References page detailing, in proper APA format citation style, your sources of information used to write the descriptive part that opened each stage (the background information on Erikson’s theory).
It is understandable that some stages are more difficult to remember – you may have to talk to relatives or look through family photo albums to try to piece together what was happening at the earlier stages. Conversely, there will be several stages that you haven’t had the chance to experience yet. For these future stages, you get a chance to show your creativity and reflect on where you’ve been, where you are right now, and where you predict you will be in the future. Continue to write future stages as though they have already occurred. Give complete details of where you see your life taking you, what will be your accomplishments or achievements, failures or regrets?
Many students have found this assignment to be cathartic and have expressed great relief at being able to reveal things to someone else without judgment. If there is information that you do not wish to reveal, then simply omit it. This paper is designed to help you examine your life and to see how it applies to a popular life span development theory. It is not a test to see if you will pour your heart out, nor is it a contest to see who has had the best or worst childhood. Simply write what you where, what you are and what you hope to be. Also, if you did have a “happy childhood”, please don’t feel the need to apologize or to feel your autobiography is “boring.” Be thankful for where you came from and hopeful for where you have yet to go. If you are unable or uncomfortable revealing your life, please speak with your instructor for alternate assignment options.
APA format: Include a title page. Cite your reference sources using APA format (in-text citations that match your References page)
Use Standard English writing style.
Formal academic/business register (word choice)
Avoid contractions and abbreviations
Use first-person singular pronoun – “I” statements
Grammar (sentence structure)
Standard writing conventions (spelling, capitalization, punctuation)
Minimum requirement is a twelve page document
GRADING CRITERIA: Each section will be graded individually and the paper will be graded as a whole.


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