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Even though you are a younger student out of high school or an older student tha


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Even though you are a younger student out of high school or an older student that has been working and just now completing a degree, it’s important to think about and build your future career in the world of business. This assignment is designed to help you think about how you might begin planning your future career. Robbins, Coulter & DeCenzo (2017) noted 13 suggestions below to help business college students develop a successful career.
Assess Your Personal Strengths and Weaknesses.
Understand yourself—your abilities and disabilities; your strengths and weaknesses.
Play to your strengths.
Identify Market Opportunities.
Regardless of your strengths, certain job categories are likely to decline in the coming decades.
Opportunities often exist when there is change.
Take advantage of changes created by an increasingly aging society, continued emphasis on technology, increased spending on education and training, and concern with personal security. These factors are likely to create excellent opportunities for jobs in gerontological counseling, network administration, training consultants, and security alarm installers.
Take Responsibility for Managing Your Own Career.
In these times, everyone will need to take responsibility for his/her own careers.
It is your responsibility to protect your career from harm and position yourself to benefit from changes in the environment.
Develop Your Interpersonal Skills.
Employers are especially looking for interpersonal skills such as communication skills.
Practice Makes Perfect.
There’s an increasing amount of evidence indicating that super-high achievers aren’t fundamentally different from the rest of us.
Studies show that world-class performers put in a lot of practice to be great at what they do.
Stay Up to Date.
To keep your career on track, you need to make learning a lifetime commitment. You should be continually “going to school”—if not taking formal courses, then reading books and journals to ensure that you don’t get caught with obsolete skills.
Networking refers to creating and maintaining beneficial relationships with others in and related to your chosen career in order to accomplish your goals.
Whether you are looking for a job or not, everyone should cultivate abroad set of relationships.
Business networking groups such as LinkedIn, Spoke, and Talkbiznow are good sources for staying connected.
Stay Visible.
It is important to engage in activities that promote your personal brand.
Examples of staying visible include writing articles in your professional journals, teaching classes or giving talks in your area of expertise, attending conferences and professional meetings.
Seek a Mentor.
Mentoring can be very helpful in finding and establishing careers.
Employees with mentors are likely to have enhanced mobility, increased knowledge of the organization’s inside workings, greater access to senior executives, increased satisfaction, and increased visibility.
For women and minorities, having mentors has been shown to be particularly helpful in promoting career advancement and success.
Leverage Your Competitive Advantage.
Develop skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
Focus on skills that are important to employers, skills that are scarce, and areas where you have limited competition.
You don’t have to be good at everything but you will need to be good at something that others aren’t and that society values.
Don’t Shun Risks.
If you want to improve your career, then you will need to take chances.
Going back to school, moving to a new state or country, or quitting a job to start your own business can be the decision that will set your life in a completely new direction.
It is OK to Change Jobs.
There is no longer a stigma associated with moving from job to job.
To keep your skills fresh, your income increasing, and your job tasks interesting, it will be increasingly likely that you’ll need to change employers.
Opportunities, Preparation, and Luck = Success.
Success also requires a little luck.
Success is a matter of matching up opportunities, preparation, and luck.
If you’re lucky, you will recognize those opportunities, have made the proper preparations, and will then act on them.
For this assignment, you will need to refer to the list of suggestions presented by the Robbins, Coulter, & DeCenzo (2017). Your paper should address the following questions:
What is your current career goal?
Which three of the suggestions listed above are most relevant to you, and why?
Back up your assertions with at least 3 references (one per suggestion) from outside scholarly sources (journal articles, trade journals, etc.). These can be found through the college’s library (do not rely on Google or Wikipedia).
Submission Requirements
Your submission must be at least 500 words
You must use at least three outside sources (indirect/direct quote, data, facts/figures, etc.), cited correctly
You must use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double spaced
Your paper must be a .docx or .rtf file (Google Docs or PDFs are not acceptable and will not be graded)
Academic Integrity
Your paper will also be checked for plagiarism by TurnItIn
You’ll receive a similarity score prior to final submission; your paper may not have a similarity score of 30% or higher (regardless of whether quotes are properly cited)
All sources used (including the textbook) must be listed on your references page
All quotes must also be followed with a parenthetical/in-text citation to note where you used an outside source. For example:
According to the professor, “it’s important to cite your sources” (Smith, 2019, p. 15).


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