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Everything is as the professor has written. You must read everything attached an


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Everything is as the professor has written. You must read everything attached and you must watch the entire YouTube video to write this paper. I put **’s below to let you know what id like if possible.

I can now offer ideas about how you can organize an essay based on the story in Flint. Each of these seem to me to be a possible
section to sum up, with the inclusion and importance of your feelings and thoughts about them: And please note this:
The five “sections listed below are suggestions for the contents of your new essay. You are not required to exhaust all of
these possibilities or even to use them all. There may be too many characters to quote them at length or to describe every individual
contribution. What we are looking for are your critical choices, and although those are not easy to make, that is the value of this
work: selecting what matters to you, and tying the parts into a single piece of writing with continuity.
What is the essential, big theme(or themes) that stand out for you in the story? Select what you can manage to include. It’s an essay
so include those things that you find important and resonant with your interest, and put some heart into what you write.
1 The water crisis: The documentary shows us the situation that erupted in Flint when the water supply was
switched, and describes succinctly how what started as a very bad decision produced an escalating urban
catastrophe.(****I’m thinking we concentrate mostly on this one if you can, but its upto you***)
2 The community response: It then shows us the tremendous organizational efforts of the community to protect
itself, a community that has lost so much from its former days as the home of the world’s largest automobile
manufacturing industry and good union jobs. It is interesting to consider the depth of community solidarity at
work, and at the same time how well-practiced they seem to be in the practices of group self-assertion and
coordinated group action. The community organizes into groups dividing responsibilities between them, and
through hard work, seems to know to whom it can go for aid, and simultaneously, further investigation.
Note the different aims that are expressed there. Some aim at the Governor and the mismanagement of the
Emergency Managers. Some have the ability to point directly to the complicity of General Motors, the
automobile industry giant (famous for Chevrolet, for Corvette, for GMC trucks, and more. Some are far less
interested in the State or the private sector’s responsibility, and use their energies to provide services that we
might have expected to have come from elsewhere. I wondered if those folks had in some way learned not to
expect the help to come from on high, and so, thought it was something they had to do themselves.
3 The actions of the private sector and the State (which is the public sector): The interplay of these two may
indeed be complex to sort out. For our purposes, it seems to me of greatest interest to aim at assessing
responsibility and motives. Who, and for what possible reasons, do these events and the “cover up” response
occur? We ought to contrast what a democratic society very nearly automatically expects of the State with what
officials in Michigan and down to Flint did. This is the way in which I found that the story of Flint has elements of
The Bad Samaritan, scaled up to a large, social group level. From individuals whose actions might be expressions
of the worst frailties and failures of a social and ethical order, to groups of people and institutions now, that
mirror those elements as well. We are not asking you to make them “the same” as each other. But it’s interesting
to speculate how the values, fears and psychological make up of an individual manifest themselves, as compared
in this case to decision makers with the power to have impact on the lives of many, many people.
4 Nestlé’s Water: Also relevant to the unfolding story of the private companies, the public institutions, and
responses of the community, is the last story told in the documentary, about Nestlé’s enormous impact, some
distance away but all the same, in the state of Michigan. This story hints at a deeper, systemic problem, which
connects the two stories. Both concern the Commons of the State of Michigan, its natural wealth, in its amazing
supply of fresh water. Both also concern the question of democracy. Is democracy intact in Michigan in this
5 As you go along through the writing and re-telling, please include your understandings and your judgments.
That’s what criticism is here, which doesn’t mean you must be “above” the characters; but that we try to sort out
and explain what we can about what happened.


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