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Exams must meet the minimum qualifications: at least 2 pages per question/500 wo


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Exams must meet the minimum qualifications: at least 2 pages per question/500 words – so two questions submitted as one document would be a minimum of 4 pages / 1,000 words – that is the minimum. You may do more – you may exceed the minimum page and word count. After all, it’s your grade you are working for and why wouldn’t you want to do more or above and beyond the minimum for yourself?
Because the exams are take-home style, you may use your textbook, lecture notes, outside sources to aid your answers. I will be grading them accordingly and it will be more difficult than you might think as a take home exam is not the same as doing it in class under time constraints.
The exams will be released to you about two weeks before they are due. You should read each question and decide which ones you will answer, then begin working on your answers. Follow essay format – intro paragraph, supporting paragraphs, summary paragraph to end, and please number each answer – for example, on exam I, if you choose questions 2 and 4, please indicated “Question 2” where you begin your answer and “Question 4” where you being your answer so I can distinguish where one ends and one begins. You may use citations if you wish but are not required to.
You must submit your exam questions, the two you choose for the exam, as one document in Canvas to be graded, no exceptions. is integrated into Canvas and will check your submissions for similarity and plagiarism. Because is integrated into Canvas, students may not email the instructor his/her exam – students must upload his/her own in Canvas to be graded.
My questions will be very straight forward and based on the materials we will cover within each module. You can rise to the level of success you put forth the effort to. There are exam rubrics for you to follow to help maximize your point total.
Directions: From the list of questions below, please select two (2) and answer them in essay format. Answers should be typed/double-spaced, and at least two pages per question in length. Since you will be submitting your answers via Canvas you’ll need to answer both questions as one continuous document. Please number the question you’re answering so I can discern when you finished answering one question and have started another. You do not need to cite/reference your test answers, but you may, if you wish. (auto integrated into Canvas) will check for similarity/plagiarism. If you write your answers in your own words, this should not be a problem. High similarity comes from copy texts directly or copying texts and simply trying to word-smith them in your own voice. The goal here is for you do to your own work. Per the syllabus, if your paper is marked with high similarity/plagiarism, you will lose substantial points towards your final class grade. See rubric below to assist you in earning the most points for your effort.
1. This second wave of empires and civilizations discussed in chapters 3-6 are some of the best
known, or “popular” if that term could be correctly used here. Please describe one of them and
why it intrigued you to the point of writing about it. Please be as detailed as possible to support
any factual statements you make.
2. What role did Philosophy/Religion play in these second wave civilizations? Please be as specific
as possible with regard to examples that support your statements on whether they
helped/hindered civilizations overall.
3. Second Wave Civilizations continued the theme of “unequal” societies – themes such as
Patriarchy, Slavery seem more prominent in some of these civilizations more than others.
Compare Rome/Greece with any other Second Wave Civilization and explain why you think
slavery/patriarchy was more prevalent in Rome/Greece than in others, or argue that it wasn’t.
Please support your arguments with as great of detail as you can.
4. Do the histories of Africa and the Americas during the second wave of civilizations largely
resemble those of Eurasia or not? Explain why or why not – please be as detailed as possible.
5. Do any of the Second Wave Civilizations remind you of any powerful nations today? Can you
draw any potential conclusions to modern powerful nations today and what their futures might
be? Have fun and be imaginative – but support your reasons with as detailed answers from past
civilizations as you can.
1. Introduction paragraph that sets up the essay to be supported by supporting paragraphs. 2. Supporting paragraphs that delve deeper in to facts and specificity to point back to the introduction paragraph’s high level points. 3. Summary paragraph to conclude your essay answer.
plagiarism is not accepted and unauthorized sources are not accepted.


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