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Final Version of the Capstone Project Master’s Thesis Paper: Your final capstone


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Final Version of the Capstone Project Master’s Thesis Paper:
Your final capstone paper should be around 30+ pages excluding
the bibliography and appendices. It must be around 8000 words, 12-pt. font,
Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1” margins.
Each student’s final capstone project will be a report divided
into ten sections as described below.
1. Abstract or Executive Summary: Written when all other sections of the report
are completed, this section provides the reader an overview of sections of the
paper below.
2. Introduction: Describes the issue studied, including its development over
time and the political and organizational context (or other relevant context
such as public health). Describes the relevance or significance of the issue,
problem, or project. Presents a concise and clear statement of the research
question, as well as the likely outcome(s) of not addressing the issue/problem.
3. Analytic Framework/Literature Review: Presents a full and balanced review of
theoretical and practice-oriented concepts drawn from the appropriate scholarly
and professional literature, comparing and contrasting different perspectives
and analyzing their application to the research question. This is referred to
as the “literature review.” The purpose of a review of previous research and various
theoretical approaches to a topic is to develop an analytic framework that
establishes the elements of the project, lays out the theoretical basis of the
project, and integrates the project into the larger body of systematic
knowledge about public management and public policy. Please remember,
this section is not simply a summary of scholarship related to your research
question, rather it is meant to help you frame your research question, identify
shortcoming in the existing research and serve as a guide for your
methodological approach.
4. Methodology: Articulates specific research questions/hypotheses and
describes the research methodology, such as selection of persons interviewed,
use of survey techniques, or data analysis. Carefully describes the specific
steps taken to ensure the validity of the research design or project
methodology and the credibility and utility of the research results.
Possible Project Approaches: Case study, Action research,
Program evaluation, Management analysis study, Policy analysis study, Work
process analysis/process improvement, Organizational analysis, Strategic plan
Possible Project Techniques/Methodologies: Surveys,
Content analysis, Interviewing, Cost/benefit analysis, Focus groups,
Performance measurement, Forecasting, Observation, Quantitative data analysis
The method of selecting and inviting your sample to participate
in your study will be essential to the validity of your research and findings.
Thus if you choose to conduct a close ended survey, you will need a minimum of
20 respondents. If you choose to conduct interview, you will need at least 5
in=depth interviews. If you choose to conduct a focus group interviews, then
you need at least 6 participants. You should include your methods instrument in
the appendix.
Also, data collection should address these elements: How, by
whom, where, and how long data collection took and should be included in your
project methodology.
Also, you should provide limitations of your research study and
5. Background: Provide background of the issue or problem
that is being addressed such as the case itself and how did it become problem.
6. Conclusion: Discusses the potential impact of the research on practice and
the public interest. Relates the findings to previous research and existing
theory and practice. Identifies shortcoming in research design and identifies
areas for future research (if resources or time weren’t issues, what would be
an ideal research design). Presents implications and
recommendations derived from the findings as appropriate.
7. References: A complete and accurate list of references must be
included, in the style of the American Psychological Association Publication
8. Tables: A departure from the style guide will be that
all tables, figures and graphics should be included in the body of the report
as close as possible to the text discussion of the item. Please also make sure
that you reference the tables in the text.
9. Appendices: Appendices may be used to include lengthy and
detailed material not directly discussed in the body of the report. This might
include material such as transcripts of in-depth interviews, frequency
distributions of survey items, and special computations related to the project
(e.g., details of a benefit/cost analysis).


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