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For this assignment you are going to find and address four myths or stereotypes


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For this assignment you are going to find and address four myths or stereotypes that deal with gender and/or sexuality. Take a few minutes to think about the topics that I have listed below. Try to remember comments that people have made in reference to the topics; stereotypes should come to mind. You need to list and explain four different myths/stereotypes concerning issues related to gender. You must identify one myth or stereotype for each of the following categories: 1. gender and aggression;
2. gender and parenting;
3. gender and early sexual activity
4. any other stereotype or myth about gender or sexuality (not related to color choices)
After you have identified each myth or stereotype, you must find research that provides the truth or facts about the statement. Use authoritative, scientific resources to provide evidence about the truth of the myth or stereotype. Do not use such sources as Wikipedia,, Simply Psychology, Psychology Today, or other non-scientific internet sites. The source must provide and you must describe a research method (participants, method, conclusions) to help develop your conclusions about the myth or stereotype. Briefly describe what information the author(s) used to draw their conclusions. Determine if the stereotype is confirmed or refuted.
Examples of stereotypes
Examples of stereotypes or myths (not related to factors above):
Women cannot drive
Men score higher on science and math tests
Men dominate conversations
I do not want you to use these examples for the fourth stereotype/myth. I wanted to provide examples of stated stereotypes or myths so that you understand what is expected for this assignment. These examples are stereotypes or general beliefs about abilities or behaviors assigned to a particular gender. Stereotypes do not identify true gender differences, such as men have more muscle mass or females have wider hips. These latter two examples identify true gender physical differences.
Example of research summary and conclusions
Example (you cannot use this myth in your assignment) student submission:
“Stereotype/Myth #2: Men think about sex more often than women do.
This stereotype has been around for a long time. As a teenager, I remember my parents warning me “all guys think about is sex, you need to be careful”. This stereotype implies that the thought of sex or the act of sex occurs more frequently in males than in females.
Fisher, Moore, & Pittinger (2012) conducted an study in which 21 male and 40 female college students, age 18-25, were asked to fill out questionnaires and use a golf tally counter to track the frequency of their thoughts about sex. Participants were given a manila envelope containing a tally counter, instructions, and a questionnaire. In the instructions, they were asked to tally every thought they had pertaining to sex. A sexual thought was defined as any thought about intercourse, oral sex, masturbation, nudity, sexual desire, sexual fantasies, foreplay, sexual memories, erotic images, or other sexually arousing stimuli. They were required to keep the tally counter with them at all times and to record the number of tallies on the record sheet just before they went to bed. They then were instructed to reset the tally counter for the next day. Data was collected for three academic quarters. The results from this study revealed that men did indeed think about sex more than women – over twice as much! The average daily tally counts were 388 for men and 140 for women. According to this study, this stereotype holds true.”
Grading criteria
Click the rubric icon next to this Assignment title on the Assignment page to see the grading criteria for this assignment. Assignment checklist
Read chapter 12
Review the grade rubric and example submission for this assignment
Identify the four gender/sexuality myths/stereotypes (three in listed topics that I identified and one of your choice) that you will challenge in this assignment
Find authoritative sources and research projects that address the four myths/stereotypes
Summarize the research project from each of the sources and tie it to the respective myth/stereotype
Cite each source with in-text APA formatting Draw conclusions and indicate if the stereotype was confirmed or refuted for each stereotype
Write and proofread an APA References page
Proofread your paper


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