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For this essay, you will apply what you have learned about the social problems p


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For this essay, you will apply what you have learned about the social problems process to study a social problem. Think of a social problem that interests you, then search for at least two or three news articles that relate to that social problem. As you read through those articles, pay attention to how the social problems process is playing out and how different actors are constructing their claims about the social problem.
Your essay should describe the grounds of the social problem claims. What information and evidence are provided to inform the audience about the problem? Try to identify typifying examples or statistical information that tell us what the problem is.
Next, describe the warrants of the social problems claims. Why should the audience or the public care about this social problem and take action to solve it? How do the claims invoke certain cultural values such as equality, freedom, justice, kindness, or patriotism? How do the claims reveal implicit assumptions about how the world works, or how the world should work?
After describing the grounds and the warrants of the social problem, you will choose two additional questions below and answer them in your essay:
1. Who are the people making the claims? Provide some background information about them. Are they activists or experts? Are they insider claimsmakers or outsider claimsmakers, and how do you know?
2. What role is the media playing in the social problems process? How has the media transformed the primary claims made by the initial claimsmakers into secondary claims? Is the media coverage influenced by any notable factors such as geography or norms to appear unbiased?
3. How has the public responded to these claims about the social problem? How do the responses differ by social groups and social characteristics? What methods were used to measure public reaction – were there surveys, focus groups, social media analysis, interviews?
4. What is known about the policymaking process to address this social problem? How are policymakers and interest groups constructing their policy proposals based on how they understand the social problem? What symbolic objectives do the policies serve?
5. What is known about the outcomes of the policies? How are these outcomes being measured? How are various claimsmakers responding to these policy outcomes? Are the policy outcomes being reconstructed as new social problems?
You should use proper citations and list the references used in your essay. Any of the common citation styles (ASA, MLA, APA, Chicago) may be used. In addition to the 2 or 3 news articles, you may have to cite other sources such as the websites of social movement organizations, reports or press releases by government agencies, etc.
Formatting: 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides. Your essay should be between 2-3 full pages, but you can have an additional cover sheet and a reference page which will not count towards the page limit. Incorrect formatting will lose you some points.
Grading: The essay will be graded over 20 points, accounting for 20% of your final grade. This means that your essay should address each of the following questions as comprehensively as possible, within the page limits.
Grounds – 5 points
Warrants – 5 points
Two additional questions – 5 points each
Submission: You should submit the assignment on Blackboard as a Word/PDF file (not as a comment). Late submissions will be penalized unless an extension has been approved.


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