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Hi, hope you are well. I am finding everything in my assignments difficult. Be


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Hi, hope you are well. I am finding everything in my assignments difficult. Been in a car accident with lots of neurological proplems.
Concentration and focus is difficult at the moment. I have failed this assignment and need to resubmit and would like it ready by the
12th October 2019, I am from the UK and prefer British English please. I am quite stressed out at the moment with house moving, university
and assignments. I am an Online Undergraduate student BSc Honours in Perioperative Practice (holistically I am working in a theatre
environment and looking after patients from start to finish).
I work in a clinical environment in the NHS and private hospitals, mainly with Gynaecology and Obstetric patients. I am a
Theatre Practitioner and skilled in Surgery, Anaesthesia, Recovery and Resuscitation and have come across many
FGM patients and the impact it has on their health.
My essay is on a Primary Research Proposal on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) What perceptions, challenges and changes in attitudes we
face in the prevelance of FGM. Are we aware and educated on FGM in a clinical environment?
UK and Europe (Qualitative)
Double space, Harvard System Referencing, Contents with page numbers, Appendices (Consent for Interviews, Interview Questionaire ,
Gibbs Cycle with a diagram, Gant Chart). Page numbers top right corner , without a border. essay to be written in 12 font please. (I am the
third person).
University of Derbyshire (UDOL) Font 20
Module: EVidence Based Research Font 24
Module Leader: Alam William
Module Tutor: Chris Chaloner
Module Code: 6HC511
Student Name: C. Kidd
Student Number 100483105
Declaration: I declare the assessment is my own work and I have correctly acknowledged the work of others using the Harvard System
Referencing. (This needs to be written at the bottom of the cover page in font 8)
NB: Please the above information should be confidential. I have another module which I am currently studying and will also need help in this
assignment please will let you know when I am ready.
This assignment has two parts the Part 1:RESEARCH PROPOSAL and Part 2: REFLECTION
( the whole assignment is 3000 words)
The Abstract short and concise acknowledging with a Background, Objectives/Aims, Method Design/Approach, (Litrature Review from data
bases such as Cochrane, CINHAL, Google Scholar, medbase< Ovid websites BMJ, Journals etc. (study is based on young adult women, across Africa and Europe). and Conclusion. Continue with the headings Research Proposal: Keywords: FGM/cuttingENgland and Wales, UK and Europe, WHO, UNICEF, Experiences, Attitudes. High prevelance in FGM in Africa/Elimination and Gender-based violence. Please you can change the keywords around if you find this confusing. Please help me to structure this whole assignment appropriately especially my Abstract which is my weakness. Ethical cosiderations and Disseminaion Planning must be addressed. My target audiences are Clinicians, Professional Practitioners, WHO, UNICEF, NICE,NHS other peoples articles or jounals etc. (It is illegal in the UK if FGM is performed and is considered a serious crime). Please look up NHS and NICE guidelines on FGM for Clinicians, Nurses and Theatre Practioners to use,. Please state the Types of FGM/Cutting in the main Introduction l, ll, lll, lV in a box (not in the Abstract part). Please state the Health Impacts Mentally and Physically of FGM Please help me with my research question concerning FGM as my heading, have I done that correctly???? Learning Outcomes 1: Synthesise knowledge of the process of evidence or research into your chosen environment. (Clinical environment Learning Outcomes 2: Critically reflect on the process of research or evidence generation, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for your own development. Can use SWOT or Gibbs Cycle for Reflection on my own development. What Framework am I using for my Research?? and why have i chosen this? NB: I am not sure what they mean by how many sources.???????????? I just put ANY, Please try and use references from 2000 and 2020 preferably since the the last 10 years (recentl artcles if possible). Eg World Health Organisation (WHO) please write the full name first then abbreviated otherwise i will lose marks and to all the other organisations we refer to. Kindly correct my assignment from the feedback or you can start from the begining and structure the whole Abstract to your level of academic writing. Please take this into your kind consideration. Thanking you Camy Kidd I know this will will go via TURNITIN when you are checking for Plagiarism, please remember that I have my student number on the cover page. My university uses TURNITIN, so I worry.


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