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Historians rely on what other scholars have already researched and written about


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Historians rely on what other scholars have already researched and written about a chosen topic. These are called as secondary sources. A book-length treatment of a topic, also called a monograph, is a type of secondary source. Scholarly articles are also considered secondary in the historical discipline.
What is meant by “historical” monograph is not that the book was written in the historical past, but rather that the author is writing about and concerned with a specific set of historical moments and processes.
Students use their knowledge of a specific character or literary work to create a mixtape of songs that they feel reflect the development of the character or the major themes and ideas from the monograph. This assignment is a fun activity that helps students comprehend the text and draw connections to their personal tastes in music and prior experiences which help to create meaning within the text.
*5 total songs for the assignment required
Did you ever make a mixtape (or a digital playlist, if you’re young enough)? The greatest mixtapes weren’t those that just included a scattered array of tunes or repeated the same radio hits. They were the ones that challenged the listener with something new — a surprising artist, or an unexpected cover of a favorite song. The mixtape’s ultimate purpose was to deliver a message: declaring love, telling a story, or capturing a time and place. Like any great mixtape, curation is intentional and purposeful. The items chosen are thoughtful representations, and they are selected to communicate an idea.
Using ONE of the monographs from the approved list provided
create a mixtape that does the following:
DESCRIBES the monograph and sets it in historical context;
ANALYZES some aspect of the monograph from a historical point of view (see below for ideas);
CONSIDERS the benefits and limitations of the monograph as historical evidence
And PROPOSES some unanswered questions that this assignment has left you with.
Use Chicago Style for any citations within the paper.
Use as a guide, your paper should resemble the following, Negro with a Hat is not an approved monograph.
Heading for paper: (title of book, author, etc.)Follow this guideline, your paper should look similar:
Negro With A Hat: The Rise and Fall of Marcus Garvey. By Colin Grant. (Oxford University
Press, 2008, 530 pp. $17.95, ISBN 978-0-19-539309-5.)
Use the directions below for this assignment:
Make sure you have read the monograph in its entirety.
Then you will create a soundtrack for your chosen monograph by the following method:
–List each title of the song and artist.
Next, analyze the songs with the monograph, in the following manner:
Title of the song and artist.
Summarize the scene from the book where you would use the song (2-3 sentences).
Discuss why you chose this song for the specific scene you summarize. Here, talk about what aspects of the song (music, lyrics, tone, etc) correspond to the passage you summarize (3-4 sentences).
Make sure you cite the pages from the text in the summary and or the discussion. You must have five songs and five passages. Citation means you quote from the monograph give the page number then summarize the scene.
Example: use as a guide for your assignment
Example Mixtape Monograph Assignment 1301.docx Download Example Mixtape Monograph Assignment 1301.docx
Make sure you put a heading and title on your paper, when I state create a mixtape, you will be choosing five relevant songs related to what you have read in the monograph and discuss with citations.
ALTERNATIVES: You can create your assignment by being creative and submitting your mixtape in an audio/visual presentation using AdobeSpark, Canva, or Microsoft Sway. You will still use the same format for each five songs and passages but you can include links or actual audio to your songs if you desire.


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