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How much of our lives are spent online? How many hours in the day do we spend st


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How much of our lives are spent online? How many hours in the day do we spend staring at smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers? What have we gained from this? What have we lost? Where do we see the greatest promise of beneficial change? Where do we see the greatest problems? This research paper will take a look at our online digital lives and draw conclusions from our research. Areas of the Digital Nation world include:
cyber bullying, internet addiction, education and the internet, social life & internet, virtual reality & therapy, privacy issues, drones, artificial intelligence, catfishing, hacking, online dating, social media and teens, as well as other topic suggestions in the Canvas course shell.
You must get instructor approval of your topic and thesis first. We will write an argumentative research paper that supports a thesis with evidence, logic, and critical thinking. Here are some important paper parameters:
2,500-3,000 words of text, including the Works Cited page. I will use word count of (including the works cited) to determine the length of the paper. Google Docs or other word processors may produce a different word count, so double check before you submit. NOTE: The state of Illinois has determined that students in this class must write a total of 5,000 words of graded research writing in the semester. Papers under 2,500 or over 3,000 will be penalized.
7 to10 quality sources from the last ten years. Sources for facts, data and background information will be from the MCC Library databases and high quality online sources. Source quality is a part of the grading rubric. All sources must be from the last five years. DO NOT USE Wikipedia,,,, or other sources from non-‐experts or unreliable/unknown authors. Sources from outside the MCC library databases, such as from a Google search, are only to be used to demonstrate features of our “Digital Nation” and are of high quality. For example, a discussion of an online anti-bullying program would cite the website as a source. The MAJORITY of your 7 sources must be from our databases. Sources beyond the required 7 may be from the free web IF they are appropriate and of sufficient quality.
For this paper choose a point of view on a topic and explain/defend your thesis using some or all of the following: facts, reasoning, logic, references to history, comparisons, contrasts, definitions, analogies, examples, cause/effect analysis, classification, narration, description, and predictions.
The paper must be submitted to in order to receive a grade. Papers not submitted to will receive an automatic zero for a grade.
Furthermore, the paper will have the following qualities:
MLA format rules will be followed.
Use Perdue Owl for MLA guidelines: (Links to an external site.). But, be aware that the instructor has some specific instructions for the paper.
Pages will be numbered.
The thesis sentence will be at the end of the introduction.
Body paragraphs will have topic sentences.
Text will be in third person point of view.
Do not write in second person (you) or first person (I). Third person is standard for academic papers.
All papers will be keyboarded and double-‐spaced with a standard font and font size.
No more than three quotes total in the paper. Quotes are also limited to three lines of text or fewer, including partial lines. Longer quotes, or more than three quotes, will be penalized.
First use of sources will include an appropriate signal phrase the names the source or establishes the credibility of the source. Second and later uses of sources can use a briefer signal phrase.
Appropriate in-text citations will be used.
Italics are used for names of journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, apps, and databases. See our handbook for details.
Titles of articles are capitalized and in quote marks. See our handbook for details.
The Works Cited page will follow all MLA guidelines and will include the access date. A Permalink for library database sources and a URL for online sources are required.
The essay will be graded according to the rubric posted on our Canvas page. Please reference it when writing your final draft. The paper is 35% of the final grade. See syllabus or the course Canvas page for the due date. Students will have one opportunity to revise the paper. See the Canvas modules page for the due date. The revised grade will replace the original grade.
Topics not permitted: cellphone use while driving, computer gaming and violence/agression, vaping or other drug/technology topics, non-technology addictions, non-technology related topics, or technology topics that are not relevant to the “Digital Nation” theme, such as technology related to manufacturing, automobiles, etc. that don’t have a “digital nation” component, as determined by the instructor. All instructor decisions are final.


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