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I am requesting that YOU choose a topic in the criminal justice system that inte


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I am requesting that YOU choose a topic in the criminal justice system that interests you, that you can safely expect to write 6-10 pages, double-spaced, APA format, with a cover page. However, I’m much more concerned with proper grammar and thought provoking ideas than with format. I would rather you spend time writing quality sentences and paragraphs than to be concerned with the structure of the paper. This is not an English class, although I should hope that your writing equals or exceeds your passion for whatever topic you selected. Good luck! The lack of structure may frustrate some students, but I am trying to get you to “think outside of the box” and have freedom to write about a topic in the criminal justice system that is important to you. Use this opportunity to be creative.
If you have questions about which topic to write about, or if you feel the least bit frustrated with the lack of direction, please e-mail or ask me. I have attached a copy of the grading rubric used for this assignment.
Here is an extremely long list of potential topics:
Controversial Criminal Justice Research Topics
Capital Punishment Ethics
Mental Hospitals & Law Code
Sniffer Dog Practice
Eyewitness Evidence Importance
Medical Marijuana – A Leak?
Police Officer Limited Rights
African Americans Bias in Investigation
Modern Music Culture & Crimes Propaganda
Legal Code in Various American States
College Violence Causes
Basic Criminal Justice Research Topics
Criminal Ethics History
Private Prisons Benefits
War Crimes versus Civil Crimes
Religious Offenses & Cultural Traits
Domestic Violence
Substance Abuse Prevention
Criminal Justice Court Procedure
Crime Prevention in Schools & Colleges
Workplace Harassment
Gender Bias in Legal Investigations
General Criminology Research Topics
Incarcerated Parents Responsibilities
Criminal Justice Reform Changes
How Can Economic Crimes Be Reduced?
Gun Control Debate
Juvenile Detention Criminal Process
Human Trafficking Combat Methods
Organized Crime versus Single Cases
Power Abuse Among Police Officers Analysis
Can Stricter Laws Make Gun Possession Safer?
Arizona Criminal Justice Laws
Criminal Justice Research Topics on Racism & Discrimination
Racial Prejudice Among Prisoners in America
Topic on Punishment & Slavery History
Discrimination in Negotiation Processes
Gender Bias in Eyewitnesses
Racial Conflicts in College Campuses
Criminology Research Topics
Armed Crime Groups History Motives
Cyber Criminology Correction Methods
Art Fraud Cooperation
Drunk Driving Prevention Ads
Identity Theft & Social Media
Topic on Child Abuse & TV Violence
Aggression Against Homeless People
Unemployment & Street Situation Analysis
Forensic Research Identification Methods
Crime Witnesses PTSD Rehabilitation
Criminal Law Research Topics
False Confessions Analysis
Is it Possible to Remain Neutral in Mental Disorder Cases?
Double Jeopardy Alternate Research Methods
Cyberstalking Legislation
Jailhouse Informants Limitations
Witnesses Programs
Sensitive Information Protection
National Security Laws
Animal Cruelty Punishment Methods
Criminal Justice Research Topics on Society & Justice
Social Control Theory
Social Learning Methods
After Prison Life & Rehabilitation
Immigration & Social Offenses
Feminism & Aggression
Child Abduction Case Similarities
Eyewitness Memory Evaluation
Music Piracy Topic
Restorative Justice Process
Shoplifting Precautions
Research in Criminal Justice System
Stress Management Among Police Officers
Interrogation Process Recording
Transitional Justice in Practice
White-Collar Crime Identification
Power Abuse in Criminal Justice System
Sentencing Disparities Challenges
Reform versus Punishment
Topic on Prison Labor Ethics
Child Protective Services
Probation & Parole Legal Flaws
Criminology Research & Measurement
Justice Comparison Definitions
Global Criminality Causes
Jury Selection Process
Judicial Authority Abuse
Wrongful Conviction Research Cases
Civilian Review Boards Policy
Internet Piracy Differences
Honesty Among Attorneys
Death Penalty Debate
Imprisonment Psychological Effect
Criminal Justice Research Topics in Types of Crime
Healthcare Frauds
Political Corruption
Gang Culture
Political Prisoners & Ethical Crimes
Environmental Irresponsibility (Hurricane Katrina)
Drunk Driving
Media Offenses
Transnational Corporations Crime History
Criminal Justice Research Topics about Court Cases
Rodney King Legacy
Los Angeles Riots
Susan Wright Trial
Aaron Henandez Case
United States v. Nixon
Brown v. Board Education
International Court Justice


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