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I have attached the annotated bibliography for this assignment. You need to use


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I have attached the annotated bibliography for this assignment. You need to use the 6 sources I have on the annotated bibliography in the essay. I also have attached the rubric and instructions.
The requirements for the assignment are restated below.
Essay Requirements
The essay must be submitted no later than October 11, 2020 as a word document attachment on the appropriate board.
1) The Essay must be a minimum of 1000 words and maximum of 1100 words. The title, information and works cited page do not count toward this. The narrative (introduction – conclusion) is the only portion that counts towards the 1000 words. Be sure to place your word count in parenthesis at the end of the narrative. USE ONLY THE LATEST MLA FORMAT FOR EVERYTHING IN YOUR ESSAY.
2) All essays are due in accordance with the course schedule. Late submissions will not be accepted. Essays submitted on a subject/topic not approved in advance by the professor on the research paper topic submission board will not be awarded any credit. You must write about the topic for which you have been approved.
3) The Essay and Annotated Bibliography are a core requirements of the class. This is a writing intensive class. You cannot receive a passing grade for the course unless an essay(meeting the minimum word requirement of 1,000 words) is submitted.
4) The Essay must include a minimum of six (6) academically critical sources. While an encyclopedia or .com source may be used as a starting point, they cannot count as one of the five required sources. Do not use them as sources in the paper. Again do not use an encyclopedia or .com website as a source in the paper or in any writing assignment for this course. Similarly, the textbook will not count as one of the six required sources; however, its usage is certainly encouraged. You are encouraged to use ESC Library’s online catalog and subscription databases to find resources. Do not use book reviews, Wikipedia, or .com sources for your required sources. Websites such as .org, .gov and .edu are usually reliable academic sources. You may not use more than one source consisting of a sentence in length, per paragraph. Be sure to properly cite all sources or it is plagiarism. Again, no more than one source used per paragraph. No more than 15% of your essay may consist of quotes. Students must check their “turnitinscore” and review the details. Scores above 15% indicate that too much source material may have been used or work plagiarized.
5) Essay topics must be submitted within the designated time frame. Topics will be considered for approval by the Professor. Topics are accepted on a first-come basis. Only one topic/subject will be approved for research. For example, if a student selects the causes of the First World War as a topic and it is approved, then no other student may select that topic. This is to avoid multiple papers about the same subject. It is the student’s responsibility to review the entire topic submission board before submitting a topic request to insure another student has not already received approval for the topic. Students must check back before the deadline to make sure the topic has been approved by the professor. Here are some recommended subscription databases:
Academic Search Complete
Arts and Science (JSTOR)
Oxford Reference Online
New York Times Historical
Biography Resource Center
Humanities International Complete
6) Essays consist of the following essential elements: (1) introduction providing a thesis statement and a brief synopsis of the argument; (2) Body providing a discussion of three (3) to five (5) central themes supported by properly cited authoritative (primary when possible) sources; and (3) a conclusion drawing together the themes of the paper in a succinct and persuasive manner.
Here is a guide to “The Six Cornerstones of a Successful Research Paper”:
– It addresses the issues in a highly analytical manner and does not detour into a historical narration for its own sake and at the cost of the facts;
– It proposes a well-defined thesis, stated early on;
– It presents evidence to support that thesis;
– It addresses specific course themes, concepts and objectives;
– It addresses, explicitly or implicitly, opposing arguments or weaknesses in the thesis and supporting evidence; and, above all,
– It accomplishes the above in a clear and well-organized fashion
7) Avoid over quoting. See the limitations in #4. Never present more than a few illustrative words or phrases from a source. Always use proper citations (Author, Page Number). Do not use quotes as “stand alone” quotes. This means that you may not use an entire sentence in quotations. Always incorporate quotes into a sentence. Failing to properly address the aforementioned will significantly impact your grade.
8) Neatness, proper formatting, spelling, correct grammar, punctuation, proper citations, etc., all count in the overall grade.
9) Provide a complete bibliography at the end of the research paper and writing assignment (essay). DO NOT SUBMIT IT AS A SEPARATE ATTACHMENT. This page identifies all the sources you consulted for your work and have used in writing the paper. The annotated bibliography assignment is a separate assignment. Do not include the annotations in the research paper assignment. You must submit a bibliography of the sources actually used in the paper without the annotations. Include it at the end of the research paper.
10) Don’t forget your word count at the end of your narrative. Place it before your bibliography.
Create the paper in Microsoft Word, using 12-point type, Times New Roman font, double- spaced paragraphs, and one-inch margins. No other formats will receive credit
Use the latest MLA Style to cite resources.
PROOFREAD your paper for grammatical errors before submitting the final draft.
Create an original title for your paper. List the title on the first page of the paper, along with student name, semester, Instructor name, and course ID.
Use direct quotes only when you could not have said it better yourself. Place direct quotes in quotation marks and cite the source. See the aforementioned limits on quotes.


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