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I need a LITERATUR REVIEW NOT AN ESSAY: Its purpose is to convey to readers the


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I need a LITERATUR REVIEW NOT AN ESSAY: Its purpose is to convey to readers the existing knowledge on a particular topic together with its strengths and shortcomings. The literature review is not simply a set of summaries of scholarly works. It must be defined by a guiding idea, such as a research objective, a starting/research question and a thesis/argument (about the literature as a whole).
The aim is to come to a survey and critical appraisal of relevant academic literature on the subject, i.e. well-documented scholarship published through widely-respected channels. In this sense, the literature review helps an author to enlarge their knowledge about a topic, to recognize a controversy or major discussion, or a gap in the literature—such as an issue that has not been addressed in research before—and to stipulate forms of knowledge that can/should be further explored. Whenever embarking on a research project, start with an angle or hook; a subject like the ones listed above. What is it you wish to find out? In this case what you wish to find out should have a connection to the literature, the academic scholarship that’s been conducted on the topic, so your starting point might be something like this: ‘What does the literature say about [Patrimonialism in Indonesia]?’ Remember that in a literature review you’re interested in the, well, literature so even if you exclude the former part of the question in a later stage of your research, always keep it in mind. You don’t want to end up with a regular argumentative paper (!). You’re interested in what others had researched/stated/argued.
Through the research process, you will continue to refine your question. A research question should never be formulated in such a way that you could answer it with a simple yes or no. This includes questions that work similarly but more stealthily so (‘to what extent…’).
Instead, it should be an open-ended question that is either explanatory or descriptive. For your purposes here, you may want to think about something like, ‘[What does the literature say] [what has been the effect of [patrimonialism] on [Indonesian Democracy in 21st Century]?’
As you try and formulate a research question, keep the following in mind: clarity (is your research question clear?); focus/scope (are you able to cover the question fully in the space available?); relevance (something that hasn’t been settled or fully resolved).
So a successful literature review:
• Has a sufficiently narrowed down scope and well-formulated research question;
• Contains an introduction, body, and conclusion like any other paper;
• Is purpose-driven. The literature review assignment, students are required to write is
argumentative. Therefore, students are expected to come up with an argument about the literature (mind the difference with a regular essay here). Students can develop a thesis statement (remember POLIS) that answers the research question to guide this process. Another way to approach this is to always think about the connections between the pieces of scholarship selected for the review and what links them? Why did you select these works? Why is one source (source’s method) more convincing?
• Is structured around themes and ideas, rather than authors. Avoid discussing one author in one paragraph, to be followed by a paragraph on another. Instead, try to put the ideas of different authors into a conversation with each other and employ the skill of synthesis to achieve this. You bring these authors together and there is a reason you do so.
• Identifies controversies and/or gaps in the literature and raises questions for further research.


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