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ignment you will be answering a drug information request. Your ability to do th


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ignment you will be answering a drug information request. Your ability to do the following will be assessed through this assignment:
Apply the steps of the systematic approach to a drug information question
Explain the importance of obtaining information from a requestor
Locate DI resources available at SIUE
Utilize drug databases to find accurate and appropriate drug information
Identify and utilize the professional agency / organization websites to answer drug information questions
Select the most appropriate specialty tertiary resources for a given drug information request and find accurate information
Create a complete, concise written response to a drug information request
Demonstrate the ability to properly cite within text and reference information appropriately according to Uniform Requirements
Assignment Instructions
The assignment must be completed individually. You will be assigned 1 of 2 possible questions.
The assignment should include the following:
After reviewing your assigned question, decide what additional background information you would like to know or questions that you have for the requestor in order to better answer the question.
State two specific questions that you would want to ask the requestor to help you best address the request. These questions should be related to the clinical situation & directly to the question asked.
Explain why each of these specific questions are important to ask as it directly relates to what was asked by the requestor (i.e., how this information could influence your recommendations).
Note: These should NOT be requestor demographic questions related to follow-up & methods of contact.
Using the information and feedback you gathered from class activities and Assignment 1, provide a written response (letter format) to your assigned drug information question. The point of this assignment is to compile/combine all of the relevant information into a complete, concise answer for the requestor. Think about it as if this is the only part that the requestor will see. You need to provide enough detail for the requestor to make an informed decision for this patient or situation based on the information you provided. This means that information you provided with previous activities and assignments may need to be included again plus some additional information. Be sure to answer all components of the questions asked. However, it will be presented differently because you are combining the information from several references, not just listing facts. A minimum of 3 tertiary references and 1 piece of literature from your secondary search must be discussed and referenced. Be sure to include:
A restatement of the question in your own words.
A statement listing the drug information resources you searched in the order that you searched for information. (e.g., “A search was conducted in the Handbook of Pharmaceutical Excipients, Natural Medicines, FDA website, and guidelines from the American Urology Association Guidelines for Over Active Bladder”). I also searched PubMed, Scopus, Reactions Weekly, and Google.
Note: There is no need for including background information about the topic and/or medication unless it is necessary in relation to fully understanding the recommendation/conclusion.
Findings: This is where your findings from your previous searches should be reported.
Concisely summarize your relevant search findings. Describe what information and relevant literature or studies (Assignment 1) exist for your assigned question. Cite in order of appearance within your text. Reference to articles within text by author name et al. or by title (less preferred).
Recommendation & Conclusion: Give an overall statement or brief paragraph to summarize. Make sure that your conclusion is supported by your references and that you fully answer the original request(s). Ideally you do not have any references in this paragraph as it should be supported by information already presented.
You must cite references (NLM format in your list) throughout the text by numbering them in order of appearance and provide a typed reference list at the end. Do not copy and paste from the databases unless you are sure it fits the correct guidelines for citation format.
Guidelines for proper citation formats for journal articles, books, and internet resources can be found within Citing Medicine, 2nd edition, which is linked in Blackboard.
Cite your chosen article from your secondary search as a journal article.
The proper way to reference electronic subscription databases can be found within the database. See posted information in Blackboard.
Secondary database name, PMID and UI/DOI numbers are not to be included in the reference citation.
If the resource tells you how to cite their material (for example, Cochrane reviews and many clinical practice guidelines do this) then list that as your citation.
All citations should be within your text in order of appearance and should be located after the period of the sentence.
Format and Submission of Assignment
You should format your information as a formal response letter as though you are responding to a healthcare professional. Use appropriate formatting/greeting/ending for a professional letter.
The answer to the question should be typed. Use Calibri, 12-font, double-spaced. Include page numbers. Maximum of 4 pages (not including your reference list).
Use correct grammar, style, spelling, proper referencing, and professional language throughout.
Upload your assignment into Blackboard by the due date. Resubmissions will be penalized 2-points/each for anything other than technical difficulties. Five (5) points will be deducted if it is not turned in at the beginning of the period. Fifteen (15) points will be deducted for each day it is late (>24 hours after the deadline).
Assignment #2—Drug Information Question Grading Criteria
Background Questions – 10 points
10 points
State 2 background information/questions specific to the question asked for the requestor to better answer the request & explained why these questions are important to ask.
Introduction – 5 points
2.5 points
A restatement of the question(s) in own words.
2.5 points
A brief statement of the drug information resources searched.
Search & Analysis – 35 points
10 points
A comprehensive search (tertiary, secondary, primary literature) in appropriate drug information resources relevant to the question was conducted.
25 points
Thorough and accurate description of all of the relevant evidence is included. [A minimum of 3 tertiary references and 1 piece of literature (as indicated) must be


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