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Infectious Disease Essay The final chapters of the textbook compile all of the i


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Infectious Disease Essay
The final chapters of the textbook compile all of the information we discussed throughout the semester addressing the diseases of the various body systems. Since we will not be able to cover these, I hope to provide you with the opportunity to show what you have learned about Microbiology this semester in essay form. Here’s what you need to know:
1. The list of diseases will be available on Friday, October 8 at 12:00am. You will need to put your name beside one of the infectious diseases listed – first come, first serve. 2. The essay must be at least three pages (of content) – double-spaced with 1” margins. You must provide a title page and reference page – five pages total. a. Each section must have a heading using the topics below (i.e. cause of disease, history, etc.)
b. Cite accordingly – MLA or APA format. c. Check for spelling errors. 3. Due ABSOLUTELY no later than 11:59pm on Sunday, December 5 via the assignment dropbox in Blackboard –
NO exceptions. I will not accept essays via email, so do not send it to me. If it is one minute after, it will not be graded and you will get a zero (no excuses, no debates). 4. Reference page → minimum of five credible sources – includes books, magazines, internet (.org, .edu, .gov, etc.). (NO wiki!)
5. The essay will be checked by the SafeAssign software for plagiarism – be sure to cite your sources. If you directly quote another author – these are not your words and should be cited accordingly. 6. Essay should be prepared using Microsoft Word. You all of access to the Office Suite using the Student portal. The questions below should serve as a “guide”. They do not have to be explicitly stated but should be covered in same
way in the essay. Essay Content
Cause of Disease
1. What type of microbe causes the disease? (Note: Microbes only include living organisms)
2. If it is a bacterium, what are the characteristics of the cell (Gram-negative or positive (what does that mean?), cell shape and arrangement? metabolic capabilities?).
3. If it is eukaryote, is it a fungus, an alga, a protozoan, a Platyhelminthes, or a nematode? Is it multicellular or unicellular? What is its life cycle?
1. Who discovered the pathogen/disease and when? 2. Are there any interesting facts about the disease? 3. Have there been any major changes in the understanding of the disease? Epidemiology
1. Describe the prevalence and transmission of the disease. 2. Where (in the world; be specific) is the disease prevalent? How many people are currently infected?
3. What is the rate of new infections? What are the rates of morbidity and mortality?
4. What is (are) the reservoir(s) of the pathogen? What is (are) the mode(s) of transmission?
1. Describe the pathogenic effects on cells, tissues and organ systems. 2. Where in the body does the pathogen affect? 3. What damage does it inflict? How is the damage inflicted (i.e. direct mechanical damage, toxins produced, immune response causes damage)
4. What is the time sequence of the disease
5. What are the major signs and symptoms? Response, Diagnosis, Treatment
1. Describe the activity of our immune system against the pathogen.
2. How is the disease diagnosed?
3. What types of medical treatments exist? Describe how these treatments affect the
progression of the disease.
4. Describe prophylactic measures that can be taken to limit the risk of infection.
Future Directions/Conclusions
1. Are there any ongoing studies for future treatment and diagnoses options? If so, briefly discuss. 2. Provide any conclusions or thoughts you may have on the topic


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