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Instructions: In this assignment, you will find a crime reported in the news and


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Instructions: In this assignment, you will find a crime reported in the news and apply a theory to explain why the crime was committed. Please make sure the article contains enough material that you are able to thoroughly apply the theory.
Place you name, class, and date in the upper left corner.
Title the essay “Theory Application Essay #1”
Title each section clearly.
Include question numbers.
Plagiarism will result in zero points for this assignment. Place reference source (your test) at the bottom of the page.
Do your own work. Identical assignments will both receive a zero.
Late work will not be accepted.
To submit your assignment, upload your essay document.
You will be graded for grammar and proper APA format of the text as a reference. (10 points) Include a title and organize your thoughts into paragraphs. Remember: This is NOT a text message, it is a college-level essay. INCLUDE: Link or PDF of Crime/Criminal discussed.
Choose ONLY ONE theory from this list to apply to a crime in the news: Rational Choice: Situational Crime Prevention Trait Theory: Biological Trait Theory (biochemical, neurological, genetic)
Trait Theory: The Behavioral Perspective: Social Learning Theory
Social Disorganization Theory: Social Ecology Theory
Strain Theory: General Strain Theory
Cultural Deviance Theory ( theory of focal concerns, theory of delinquent subculture, theory of differential opportunity)
Your essay should include the following sections:
Section 1 (Minimum 300 words):
1) State which theory you will be using for this assignment. You are only using ONE of these theories for this assignment. Do NOT apply all three theories to the news article. 2) Write at least 300 words explaining the theory you chose (its elements, etc.) in your own words. Include the founders of the theory and its basic tenets. Make sure to cite any reference used such as your text. (worth 10 points)
Section 2 (Minimum 250 words):
3) Explain the crime you are applying to this theory. Describe how you would directly apply the elements of the theory to explain the crime being reported in the news story. Justify why you think that the specific theory you have chosen better explains the crime than the other theories you could have chosen. (worth 20 points)
Section 3 (200 word minimum):
4) Explain the policies and programs that have resulted from this theory. (10 points)


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