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Introduction to the Assignment In this course, we have been learning about refle


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Introduction to the Assignment
this course, we have been learning about reflective practice (and the LEARN
model) and about the College of Nurses’ Quality
Assurance (QA) program that all nurses (RN, RPN and NP/EC) must take part
in. It is mandatory to maintain registration to practice as a nurse in Ontario
to practice. This assignment is based on reflective practice and the CNO
quality assurance program. You will be using this material again in the course,
most notably in your pre-graduate clinical experience.
This is an
individual assignment worth 15% of your final grade and is due as scheduled in
the Course Schedule (refer to Course Schedule for the due date). You are expected to submit a professionally
completed assignment in APA 7th edition formatting (Dropbox submission due at the START of
class). The paper is to be 3-5
pages, plus references and a cover sheet AND
a learning goal attachment as outlined
in the instructions below.
Marks will be deducted if the assignment is submitted late and/or is
incomplete. Assignments not submitted on
time will see deductions of 10% per day, excluding weekends.
assignment is about learning and reflecting on the College of Nurses video
entitled “One is One Too Many” and for the student to engage in reflective
practice as outlined in the CNO quality assurance program.
1. Watch the entire video series “One
is One Too Many” (CNO) (20 minutes of online time): To watch the video series,
go the CNO website where the video is split into six brief sessions (for
streaming). It will take about 20 minutes to watch all sections. Be sure to watch each section: introduction,
neglect, financial abuse, verbal abuse, sexual abuse and the conclusion.
2. Reflect: Consider the videos in
terms of what was presented, how they made you feel, what you thought of the
nurses involved, and how the video will impact your professional practice. Jot
down your reflective thoughts on a piece of paper that you can set aside and
review it a few hours later. Talk to your peers about the videos for their
3. Complete a 3-5 page paper (minimum three
pages, plus references page and a cover sheet) written in APA format. You
should set your paper up with an introduction, body/discussion and
conclusion/summary as you did in your first paper. While APA is usually written
in the third person, because of the reflective need in this work, you may use
“I” statements such as I viewed, I felt, I saw, I concluded…
the “LEARN” format (found on SLATE) and your notes on reflections from watching
the video, look back on what you have seen, learned from professional
standards, professionalism and how it will impact your practice as a team
member and as an individual nurse caring for clients. You will need to make
general statements about the entire series, but you may focus on one or two
areas for the body of your reflective thinking.
out further learning from professional journals (minimum of three) on the area
you are reflecting upon and explain how the reference supports your
learning. For example, your journal
supports may cite information on the impact of abuse, financial abuse, and/or
neglect. Also, you should cite CNO references (e.g., Nurse-Client Therapeutic
Relationship Practice Standard, Ethics Practice Standard, and other CNO
supportive documents). If you are citing the video, there is an APA format for
that as well.
the reflective process as a professional paper (not in bullet points or point form; but a written, descriptive
format). Example for “L” (looking back) … As I look back on the part of the
video where the man was calling for help, I could not help but feel…. Johnson (2012) discussed client abuse and
explained…. (This would show a connection to some reference you look at). For
“E” (elaborate), you might write ….In the video, I noted the nurse’s behaviour
to be….and the patient response was… My thoughts were….
your reactions to determine your strengths and weaknesses (areas for
development) concerning the prevention of client abuse. Follow the LEARN
process (CNO, 1996) to identify how new
learning will be integrated into your practice. You may want to cite
references on the process of reflection and how it relates to practice in your
should conclude your paper with a discussion of relevance to nursing practice,
specifically to your practice, to client abuse as a professional issue or some
relevant conclusion of your own choice as developed from your reflection and
learning. A personal element should be the final result of reflective learning.
*What is a professional
journal? It is a scholarly, peer-reviewed
article or report found in a professional, practice or theory-based journal. A
professional journal article typically has an abstract summarizing the article.
It includes a review of the literature and may address the topic from a
research or theoretical perspective.
*What it is not: It is not a
newspaper article, nor a website, nor a magazine. It is not a professional standard or
guideline. You do need to cite CNO professional standards and documents in this
work. Those are essential, but to be clear, are not professional journal
4. After writing your reflective paper,
complete and attach to your essay a learning goal (stemming from your
reflection) modelled on the CNO Quality Assurance tools developing one SMART
goal on the attached form, the form is included with these instructions.
For guidance, go to the CNO document entitled
“Developing SMART Learning Goals for information on completing SMART goals (a
reference for all nurses engaged in QA). This document is found on SLATE.
Materials found on the CNO website quality assurance
program (via SLATE or will guide you in developing a learning
Refer to the CNO Quality Assurance links and documents
to help direct your goals and learning. The CNO has
presented this material in an organized way so that all registrants can quickly
adapt it to their reflective practice.
5. You should also expect to cite CNO
references (e.g., Nurse-Client Therapeutic Relationship Practice Standard,
Ethics Practice Standard, and other CNO supportive documents). If you are
citing the video, there is an APA format for that as well.
Copy/paste, fill in this form then
print it attach the completed form to your assignment.
Student: ______________________
ON/ADAPTED FROM CNO QA PROGRAM (attach to your paper)
State your learning goal stemming
from/connected to your reflection: (it
could be to seek out more information on abuse prevention, learn about the laws
related to abuse, to learn more about the importance of quality assurance to
your practice, to learn more about one of the professional standards listed at
CNO, to develop a strategy in case abuse is witnessed in future, etc). Please
note: If you do not review the CNO QA documents, this document will likely not
demonstrate the required knowledge of developing SMART goals for your practice.
Specific Learning Goal, focused and clear. What do
you want to learn or achieve? What activities will be needed to achieve this
Measurable. Can you quantify how it can be measured
(e.g. review two standards)
Attainable. Can it be? Be realistic. Resources?
Relevant. Be sure it applies to your role and future
Timeline. Explain your timeframe, start date, by
when, deadline/expected date.


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