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Introduction This discussion is designed to follow-up on the complete reading of


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This discussion is designed to follow-up on the complete reading of Adua by Igiaba Scego, and help us think about and process the significance of the various events and elements that make up the novel and contribute to its message(s). While our focus for this discussion is on the second half of Adua (Chapters 18-30 + Epilogue), you will also consider how elements of the first half (Chapters 1-17) correspond to or feed into your responses. As you reflect on the story, consider possible themes and symbols developed in the story, the psychology of and relationships between the characters, and how the historical backdrop functions to add social commentary.
Initial Post | 300-500 words
Post a reflection in response to ONE of the following prompts:
Discuss Zoppe’s visions and flashbacks, from his encounters with Rebecca and the Jewish family in Rome to his interactions with his father Haji Safar, his friend Dagmawi, and his own self. What do these visions reveal about Zoppe’s character, culture, and relationships?
How does symbolism function in the novel? What reoccurring symbols show up and what is the significance of each?
When discussing how power functions in the novel, the theme of generational trauma often becomes a central point of inquiry. How does the author continue to develop this theme, and to what extent is it resolved at the end of the novel?
The author placed her characters within particular historical timeframes. Continue to investigate the parallels between the characters and their historical framework.
The quote that heads the “Epilogue” is by Frantz Fanon (1925-1961), a West Indian psychoanalyst and social philosopher known for his theory that some neuroses are socially generated and for his writings on behalf of the national liberation of colonized peoples. Fanon’s study of psychology and sociology led him to further the conclusion that colonized people perpetuate their condition by striving to emulate the culture and ideas of their oppressors. To what extent does Fanon’s point of view play out in the novel?
Consider the fields of literary theory you have been introduced to: Cultural Studies, Reader-Response theories, Structuralism, Poststructuralism, among others. Which of these fields of literary theory are most integral to your interpretation of this novel or would prompt the most interesting analysis, from your point of view? Explain your response with illustrative examples from the novel.
Reply to one post | 200-300 words
Read through the responses of your peers and respond to one of them by acknowledging their ideas, identifying the fields of literary theory that are reflected in their respective interpretations (if not already noted), and add on to their ideas with other possible points, perspectives, commentary, or support (such as a quote, detail, or scenario from the reading).
This is the post
In the book Adua, there is a big theme of generational trauma that is prevalent through the entire story. This is shown with Adua’s relationship with her father and Zoppe’s experiences with his mother. What constantly appears throughout the book is Zoppe’s insanely strict bringing up of Adua. He would constantly insult and pick on everything detail that he doesn’t like about Adua, then claim that she will thank him after all this. This experience that is Adua will change the way that Adua views her father forever. She will begin to have a bit of distaste against her father, but nothing that she will hold a grudge against him. She begin to have some sort of comfort in the intense teachings that Zoppe put her with. This is most apparent with the Zoppe’s turban that Adua took from him. She held on to this turban for a extremely long time. This turban that previously belonged to her father is something that she uses to keep a connection with her father. It also represents being held back, unable to move on from the clutches that her father has on her. ” It was a sign of my slavery and my old shame, that turban. It was the yoke I have chosen to redemn myself.” ( Scego 170). Adua was always going to be held back if she kept the turban, that’s why when her husband refused to get the turban back, it released her from his chain. It was the moment that she moved on from everything from the past, and going on to a new life with her husband. Zoppe’s generational trauma comes from dealing with death. His mother died while giving birth, which effected him a lot. Then his wife dies during childbirth too, giving him some sort of trauma.


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