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My classmates’ paper should not be edited in any sort. The professor wants us to


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My classmates’ paper should not be edited in any sort. The professor wants us to put comments or highlight only on the file. The assignment is to review other classmates’ work. Here are the instructions:
Read through the summary, making a mark where you find yourself confused.
Indicate anywhere you can tell what the student thinks about the article. This should be entirely objective.
Check to make sure each idea (sentence) is attributed to the author of the essay. Mark those that are not.
Only for the review you do in your group (same article), note if you think they left out any of the main ideas.
Go back to the places you checked in #1 and briefly explain what confused you.
Was the sentence itself confusing?
Did you feel the student had jumped to a new point without showing the connection? (The paragraph should be cohesive, not just a list of ideas)
This essay does not ask you to respond to or evaluate the argument’s ideas. You want to only demonstrate an understanding of the rhetor’s argument and the ways they use the elements of rhetoric to compose it. Look for any places the student seems to be evaluating the argument, and remind them that the assignment does not call for that.
What you want to check here is that the student shows they understand the elements of rhetoric we’ve studied by both illustrating them with examples from the text and explaining those examples in a way that shows the student understands the term–use the terms–(e.g., The essay on reopening schools addresses the definition stage of stasis when it talks about an “exposure budget.” The rhetor considers the issue one of setting priorities.)
So, for each section of the assignment, check that the student has done two things: 1) shown they understand the element of rhetoric, and 2) referred to a specific part of the article as illustration of the element.
Note that not all arguments include all elements. Perhaps the rhetor does not discuss the history of the topic or perhaps they do not have personal experience of the issue. You will know this better in your groups, where you know the entire article. When reading essays on other articles, ask the student about missing elements in your review of their analysis.
Kairos and the Rhetorical Situation:
Why is this a propitious time (the kairotic moment) for this argument?
What is the general topic the rhetor engages?
What history is relevant to understanding the topic?
On what point of current disagreement (issue) do they address their audience?
On what values, experiences, beliefs, and knowledge does the rhetor draw?
What is their position?
What values, experiences, and beliefs does the rhetor assume the audience brings to the issue?
Who are the stakeholders in the issue?
What do they have at stake?
Which of those (if any) are the audience?
Who has agency to act on this issue? what agency?
At what point of stasis does the rhetor engage with their audience on the issue?
How far along the progression of stasis do they go?
What does the rhetor discuss at that stage?
How have the prior points of stasis been satisfied?
What claims of the existence and cause of the issue does the rhetor make?
In what group of issues does the rhetor place this issue? What type of problem do they want their audience to consider it? How do they label it?
How is the issue a good or bad instance of the group above?
In what way is it good or bad? desirable or undesirable? (consider what the rhetor believes)
What should be done?
Is that action spelled out? its effects?
pathos – emotions, beliefs, and values
rhetor considers Aristotle’s three conditions
shows understanding of
audience’s emotions
who excites those emotions (at whom?)
reasons for emotions (because of what?)
rhetor attempts to align audience’s emotions with proposition
create proximity & elicit empathy
make topic come alive
get them to identify with stakeholders
create scene
know audience’s emotions
move them from indifferent or hostile to accepting
recognize and effect willingness to change
how intensely do they cling to beliefs?
how do they see their identity affected?
emotional language
Why should we listen to the rhetor? where do they show themselves –
well informed?
caring about audience and stakeholders?
considerate of rhetorical distance?
Identify examples of the rhetor’s reasoning.
premises & conclusions
deductive & inductive reasoning


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