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Need a resume cover letter written for a Career as a Director of Outreach for Mi


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Need a resume cover letter written for a Career as a Director of Outreach for Middle/High School Social work services.
The link to the job posting can be found below. I worked as an adolescent social worker as a college student while completing my masters in SSocial Work. After I ended up as president of a company in an unrelated field for over 25 years. I would like it to reflect that my position as a company president gave me the tools to manage various professional references, helped wirh outreach, maintained a positive wokr environment, etc. Thanks!
Are you that relentless “Can Do” attitude type with a passion for genuinely connecting and delivering extraordinary results? We have an awesome opportunity!
Position Summary:
The Director of Outreach (DO) is both an integral part of the campus family and the school’s ambassador to the community. The DO meets extensively with educational and healthcare professionals in the community, forming new relationships and maintaining existing ones, so that Fusion is part of an extended family of resources and support. The DO is also a vital contributor to on-campus events and culture. To excel in these dual missions, a DO must be able to find multiple balances: between numbers and relationships, confidence and vulnerability, connection and autonomy, passion and compassion. Amazing Fusion DOs are driven, creative and poised. They communicate with great clarity and empathy. They bond with students, families, staff and professionals. They know their audience and tend to impress. They hit targets and touch hearts. If this role sounds like the right sort of adventure for you, please send a letter of interest and your resume.
Here?s some of what you?ll be doing day to day:
Promoting Fusion enrollment opportunities and programs to professionals such as therapists, psychiatrists, and educational consultants in the surrounding communities, via cold phone calls, emails and face-to-face visits both on and off campus.
Developing new relationships with local associations & community-based organizations and maintaining existing relationships with these groups by attending group meetings.
Creating opportunities to bring visitors onto the Fusion campus.
Recording and reporting key metrics through use of internal tracking systems.
Managing a marketing, outreach and admissions budget.
Coordinating school marketing, public relations and event management.
Developing an annual community awareness and outreach plan.
Utilizing Social Media outlets to post updates about the campus.
Other duties as assigned.
Here’s what you bring to the team:
A Bachelor’s degree (Master’s degree preferred but Master’s is not a pre-requisite).
3 to 5 years in sales is ideal. Marketing a school or addiction program or therapeutic program is a plus. Licensed social work, therapist, counselor experience in mental health field will be considered. Preferably that type of experience is coupled with sales experience where there is a track record of outward facing roles representing a high-quality brand.
Proven track record in outward facing sales & outreach (therapeutic, clinical, or educational sales / outreach a plus).
Patience and a problem-solving approach to issues.
Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills.
Advanced skills in Word, Excel, and Outlook (preferred).
A strong goal and results orientation.
A high level of integrity and professionalism.
Persuasive oral and advanced written communication skills.
High customer service focus.
Personal motivation and passion about achieving goals and deadlines.
Experience using a Customer Relationship Management System (preferably Salesforce).
An ability to be understand and report on goals/metrics.
Enthusiasm and flexibility.
Required Travel: Daily travel in the local school community visiting with mental health professionals, counselors, education consultants, and organizations involved in adolescent mental health and education. Including travel between all Fusion Academy Campuses in the area.
Compensation & Benefits
Compensation: excellent quarterly payout bonus opportunities are available in addition to competitive base salary ($65-75K). Full benefit package including full complement of benefits including health, dental, 401K, basic life insurance, long term disability insurance, and AD&D insurance vacation and holiday pay.
All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, disability, nationality or sex.


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