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Need min 150 words for each response #1 SC Schroeder (2017), scheduling decisio


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Need min 150 words for each response
#1 SC
Schroeder (2017), scheduling decisions allocate available capacity or
resources (equipment, labor, and space) to jobs, activities, tasks, or
customers over time. Batch scheduling is used in the manufacturing processes,
hospitals, offices, and schools. Batch scheduling is a complex management
problem in that the work is not done all at the same time. There are many
starts and stops along the process. Throughout the process, many different
tasks can be done at the same time. The process is not a smoothly flowing
process and is due to irregular wait times as customers or jobs are transferred
from one work center to another. Scheduling decisions are an important part of
planning the activities in order to achieve the desired goals and priorities in
a certain amount of time. Scheduling decisions in a hospital is made to match
the healthcare resources with patient needs. Healthcare resources are the
nurses, doctors, rooms, equipment and medicines that make up the healthcare
system. In universities, schedule decisions provide the necessary support to
the academic departments in the development of class schedules and assigning
classroom space. Again, it allocates the necessary resources, time, classrooms,
teachers, classroom equipment, the buildings and grounds that house the
university. In movie making, production scheduling is important, it helps you
figure out which scenes are going to be shot and when, where to shoot them, and
how many scenes will be shot per day. The resources that are allocated by
planning are the actors, the scene production, the location, the production
equipment, cameras, film, lights, books, and screen writing manuals.
Make-to-Order Factory or manufacturing scheduling decisions is used to minimize
the production time and costs, by deciding when the production facility will
make the product, what size staff will be used, and with what equipment. The
resources necessary for planning are the raw materials used, workers,
management, machines, buildings, tables, desks, and time.
#2 Anthony
Decisions made in scheduling
can have an impact on operations. The type of schedule paired with the type of
operations are equally important to meeting operational demands, but
considerations based on the environment are not a one size fits all.
a hospital or school setting, ‘batch’ scheduling may be used in a start and
stop method to accommodate “machine group or skills into work
centers” (Schroeder, 2018, p. 247) where work-in-progress (WIP) is
structured in a systematic way. An example of batch scheduling from an
operational point of view would be healthcare workers continuously working
through a steady flow of patients by first checking a patient in based on
severity of pain first through registration, then to conduct vitals, and
considerations of the patient’s severity of injury by way of triage is an
appropriate respond to proper decision making.
considerations within a school setting will likely require a review of teacher
to student ratio so that the appropriate number of staff are available under local
law and/or policies.
in the moviemaking industry must consider resources such as capital, people,
materials, etc. In addition, production must consider the timing of when to
film a movie based on weather conditions, permit lead times, and other external
factors that cause a production to stall.
in a factory setting would require decision-makers to know the exact inventory
on-hand to support production “after a confirmed customer
order is received” (, 2020). Knowing the
number of available resources to work on lines to fulfill orders in a given
time allows a manufacturer to spend keep as many resources as needed to demand.
would you say to a decision maker if they advised you to execute production
without properly planning or scheduling in advance? What are some of the risks
that you’d outline for leadership to consider?
#3 Conner
scheduling decisions often indicate a need
for revised aggregate planning, and aggregate planning also may uncover
facility needs.(Schroeder)
Hospital Scheduling how many staff can
cover for that shift that night how many people can cover the amount of
patients to nurse/doctor ratio. Scheduling decisions allocate available
capacity or resources (equipment, labor, and space) to jobs, activities, tasks,
or customers over time. (Schroeder) on the other hand reschedule appointments
if you cant make it to your appointment can someone take time off or to go to
that scheduled appoint or to reschedule,
University for example during 2020 i was
able to take 2 classes at a time because I had the time since
I wasn’t working do to unemployment and quarantine I had a lot of
time to fill my day with school. Now that i have a full time job I’m only able
to take do one class at a time.
Moviemaking i have friend and former
colleges in the movie industry scheduling is everything a lot of people work
overtime hours such as working 12-18 days to working 15 days in a row to make
sure the production schedule is constantly on schedule and every shot
looks as good as possible before going to post prediction.
THE SUPPLY CHAIN: DECISIONS & CASES (7th Edition). McGraw-Hill Higher
Education (US)


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