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Need to creat a healthcare management emergence response to this doc. J: Hey the


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Need to creat a healthcare management emergence response to this doc.
J: Hey there Gotham City,
You are here with Lou Lem and Jessica Boylan, Gotham’s Batman and Robin of natural disasters. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hurricane Joker has been upgraded from hurricane watch to hurricane warning and is ramping up to be a Category 5 storm. We are here to arm you with information and help you navigate, prepare for, and respond to this tropical cyclone that is headed our way.
L: I am Lou Lem, Podcast Host and seasoned hurricane survivor who is going to help provide you with information on Hurricane Joker, like what to do in case there is an extended evacuation. Here with me today is Jessica Boylan, Gotham City’s First Response Manager in charge of coordinating the disaster response program during a hurricane. She is here to give some tips on staying safe and prepared before, during, and after the storm.
L: What is your first recommendation in preparing for this storm Jessica?
J: First and foremost audience, check in regularly on important storm updates and instructions via radio, AM95.1 or FM93.9 stations, channel 5 news on TV, or mobile internet or applications. A list of resources will be provided for you in the podcast notes.
L: Now, we will be opening shelters at 12 PM on 9/29/21 at Gotham High School, Gotham Church, and the Salvation Army. Is that right Jessica? So what do you want to tell the listeners who live in the evacuation zone today?
J: Yes Lou, that is correct. If you are in the evacuation zone, you are advised to board up all windows in your home, power down and unplug all devices and turn all breakers for the home to the off position. Shut off propane, natural gas, and water, and close fire-place dampers as well. Place sandbags against the first floor perimeter if you have them, and if you have the time. Bring all items inside that are not fixed down such as furniture, garbage cans, yard decorations, etc. You should have important documents ready in your go-bag, leaving behind nothing that can lead to a stolen identity, and lock the doors before you leave. You should be prepared with an emergency kit containing water, food, flashlight, first aid supplies, batteries, a face mask, and more which can be found at And don’t forget your children and pets! If you do not have a car, be sure to catch public transportation to the evacuation sites, which is free at this time. Please be sure to check on elderly or handicapped neighbors, and ensure they are being helped. If not, call our toll-free volunteer hot-line at 1-866-1GOTHAM and someone can assist them with their evacuation.
L: That’s great Jessica, and I want to remind the listeners from personal experience, you will need to bring personal hygiene items, blankets, and a change of clothes, as recommended by the National Hurricane Center. (Unfortunately pets will not be allowed at any location) During the last evacuation going to the shelter was an experience for my family as I have 2 children under the age of 10, this reminds me bring entertainment for the family that does not need to be plugged into an outlet as electricity will be limited and for emergency use only such as to charge phones or laptops. Dry food and water will be provided but there will be no hot meals served: You are allowed to bring 1 cooler of non perishable supplies for use during your stay at the shelter. I would recommend bringing baby wipes as there will not be showers at these locations. During the last evacuation this was a problem for most and were only at shelter for 2 days.
L: Now Jessica, with the ongoing COVID pandemic, I can only imagine the shelters will be taking extra precautions for people flocking to safety during the storm. Can you tell us a little bit about what the city is going to do to protect everyone?
J: We will have a Covid-19 protocol in place which will limit the space available and will be a first come first serve basis. Please plan accordingly to ensure safety for you and family. There will be safe distance between sleeping quarters by family, hand sanitizer and portable hand washing stations throughout the shelters as directed by the Center for Disease Control. Masks will be required and provided throughout the evacuation. We ask that you not share medical information only on a need to know basis, to ensure the privacy of evacuees.
L: So Jessica, do you have any tips for those who are going to shelter in place?
J: If you are sheltering in place, ensure all family and pets are inside as well as unfixed outdoor items, as previously mentioned. Ideally you have plastic sheeting and duct tape to seal off all closed windows, doors, and air vents as advised again by You may have to improvise if you are not prepared in advance with supplies. Power down fans, AC, and heating systems, and shelter in a central room with few windows as recommended by the CDC. Avoid positioning yourself under objects that could fall on your head. Don’t forget to have your emergency kit with you and your family.
L: This storm is going to pack winds of 150 MPH plus, with possible flooding, tornadoes, and rip tides. You must plan to seek shelter and stay out of the water as rip tides are extremely strong and will cause loss of life, do not drive through large puddles of gathered water there is no way to gauge depth and could cause vehicles to be stranded. Again, this is a dangerous storm and I know from experience that first responders will not be able to provide assistance for the first 24 hours, and 911 will not be available until it will be deemed to provide assistance safely as told by the US Department of Commerce.There is a strong possibility of loss of life without evacuating or seeking alternative shelter.
J: Yes Lou, all very good points. Following the storm, everyone should remain sheltered as rainfall will continue to ravage the surroundings. If the power is out, the CDC recommends using flashlights, not matches, candles, or lighters to illuminate your home; you do not want to start a fire and create another emergency. Only drive and go outside if you must, and avoid bridges and washed out roads. If you go outside, the CDC advises you beware of downed power lines, weakened infrastructure, and do not enter buildings that look unsafe. For more hurricane warnings and recommendations visit the Additionally, be aware of your mental and emotional health over the recovery days, as NPR and the World Health Organization have reported that there is an increase in violent crimes following hurricanes.
L: Thank you so much Jessica, it was great to have you on today. We are going to open up to questions from our listeners, but I have one last thing I would like to share, and that is we all need to display a lot of patience and forgiveness for each other during this time. We are in this together, and we will get through this together and need to understand that no one wants to be in this situation, but we all need to be safe from the hurricane.
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