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Notice: 300 words for this discussion post + 60~ words for a response on a stu


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Notice: 300 words for this discussion post + 60~ words for a response on a student’s post of this assignment
(The 300 words discussion post is DUE by Wednesday 10 PM. The student’s post will be uploaded as soon as you finished the 300 words discussion post, and response to the student’s post is DUE by Saturday 11 PM)
View the documentary Uploaded: The Asian American Movement (, which originally premiered at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival ( in 2012. Then read the article (or listen to the radio piece) on Asian American YouTubers seeking to change mainstream perceptions and proceed.
For reference: YouTube as a service itself started in 2005, and then grew rapidly starting in 2006. YouTubers wax and wane. Uploaded first began production in 2011. Considering the nature of information technology and the vagaries of popular culture, that’s arguably ancient history.
For your discussion this week: What seems to be the central argument of the documentary, and considering that this was originally released in 2012, how has the YouTube scene changed or remained the same for Asian Americans in that time? Do you think similar concerns exist, why or why not?
Use your own knowledge and conduct outside research as well — visit any YouTube channels that you find relevant, and include those links in your response. (Note: when you are posting an entry the film icon in the second row of icons in the toolbar above the text entry box allows you to embed YouTube or other media into your post).
Link of source:
Asian-American Youtube celebrities aim to change perceptions , break in to Hollywood
Posting Requirements:
The first post must be at least 300 words, based off either the weekly prompts or something else that you found worthwhile in the assigned readings. Be specific and incorporate assigned reading materials.
The second post is a response to a student’s post. While these do NOT have a specific word limit, you must engage in a substantial way, rather simply agreeing with whatever your classmate has written.
Your post must be substantive and explicitly reference assigned reading materials (for example, citing specific evidence or passages — include page numbers if those are available). Do not include a works cited entry if you are taking information from the textbook. Page numbers in parenthesis are sufficient. Do not just Google or use Wikipedia to regurgitate random facts of Asian America — you will fail the assignment. Your submission must demonstrate that you’ve engaged and comprehended in assigned materials.
Again, if you are responding to another post, engage in actual discussion with a classmate rather than simply agreeing with whatever they stated. Writing “I agree” or “Good point!” and then randomly citing information from course materials without considering the original post does not qualify.


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