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Part 2/Essay # 2- No Easy Answers- Minimum Wage & Maternity Leave [Worth 25 Pts.


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Part 2/Essay # 2- No Easy Answers- Minimum Wage & Maternity Leave [Worth 25 Pts.] Part II-Essay # 3 [Worth 25 Points] Social and economic inequality have been a primary issue since the beginning of time. In response to this development we have had a number of revolutions and major social shifts throughout our history. In the modern era, the fight for equality has manifest itself in issues like affirmative action, the $15 Minimum Wage; mandated corporate profit-sharing, limiting CEO pay, paid maternity leave, and in some circles the idea of government ownership and control of most sectors of the economy (Socialism). While racial and social equality continues to improve, since the 1970’s economic inequality has expanded substantially as the top 1% increasingly hold more of the nation’s wealth while the rest hold far less.
The point of this essay is to get your perspective on the issue of economic inequality by getting your perspective on two seemingly simplistic issues, a nationally mandated $15 per hour minimum wage and the requiring all employers to pay for four weeks of paid maternity leave for expectant mothers and fathers. These are not far-fetched policies, rather these are legitimate policies that are already in place in some cities and states. However, there are trade-offs that have to be considered as well (in both directions). Can raising, or failing to raise, the minimum wage cause more harm than good? Could paid maternity leave help, or possibly hurt women in the workplace? This is what you need to decide. For this essay you will need to dig deep and do some research. There are a number of great websites and editorials dedicated to both the minimum wage and maternity leave. You need to find them and read them. Remember, your counter-argument is really important so make sure you really demonstrate that you researched for your response.
Thus, please write a 5-7 paragraph essay outlining your response to the following prompt:
Prompt: “All American’s should have a right to a modest living wage of at least $15 per hour and four weeks of paid maternity leave. Congress needs to enact this as a national priority.” Please explain how and why you agree and disagree with this statement. Make sure to pay attention to the counter arguments to your perspective. A good place to start might be with this article explaining the issue:
Make sure to explain and research the scope of this issue, your perspective on these issues, and explain and research what someone who would disagree with your perspective might argue. Points will be deducted for not entirely exploring the counter-arguments to your personal prospective.
· An introductory paragraph that clearly states your perspective on the issue (thesis statement),
· A research paragraph(s) that clearly gives facts, figures, and history of the issue,
· A counter argument paragraph that gives researched insight into what those opposed to your view might argue,
· A “drive it home” paragraph(s) where you lay out your well researched argument in contrast to opposing views,
· A closing paragraph where you review your thesis statement and give one last push on your perspective,
· A works cited section that gives reference to the sources used (at least 3 required). Your essay should cite at least 3 sources, be in properly cited (use MLA Citation) and be grammatically sound. Major deductions will result for those who do not follow directions. The best essays are usually 5-6 paragraphs. Make sure to turn in your assignment in on Blackboard.


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