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Please use the American Sociological Association (ASA) format to cite your sourc


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Please use the American Sociological Association (ASA) format to cite your sources (consult Purdue OWL for assistance). Three source minimum. No dictionaries or general encyclopedias. Only use scholarly sources (scholarly books, peer-reviewed journal articles, .gov; .edu and .org may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis).
Your file must be in one of the following formats: doc, docx, rtf, or pdf.
Type your name, the class, the instructor’s name and the date on the title page. Include a unique title for the assignment.
Double-space and use Arial, size 12 font.
Number your pages. The paper should be between three and five pages in length (not including the title page or references).
Use spell check and proofread carefully. I will consider quality of writing and presentation in evaluating your assignment.
I suggest you upload your paper to the Turnitin submission link a few days prior to the due date in case revisions are needed to avoid plagiarism.
I. Introduction (one to two paragraphs)
Select a specific topic within one of the following subfields of sociology (the subfields are in bold). In a clear and well-written paragraph, state which sociological subfield you have chosen and introduce your topic in a few sentences. Define your topic, also explaining how it relates to the subfield you chose. Use scholarly sources to do this. Explain why this topic is socially important (important to society). Finally, specifically explain why this topic is of interest to you and what your biases are (preconceived opinions).
Subfields and examples of topics:
Culture (examples of possible topics are the anti-vaccination subculture, gamers, 1920s era flappers, cannabis subculture, etc.; note: some of these subcultures are countercultures as well, which ones?);
Crime (examples of possible topics are environmental racism, femicide, computer hacking, domestic violence, tagging, rape, hate crimes, etc.);
Social stratification (examples of possible topics are the pay gap between women and men, educational inequality, health care inequality, ethnoracial inequality, Islamophobia, etc.), or
Global inequality (examples of possible topics are child labor, environmental exploitation, sweatshops, global poverty, unequal access to Covid-19 vaccines, etc.).
II. Research Questions (for this section, you will have a list of research questions, number each question using the format RQ1:, RQ2:, and RQ3:)
Write three, in-depth questions you would like to have answered about your topic. Start with a simple brainstorm, revising until you have three, clear research questions. Avoid questions whose answers you already know or already answered in your introduction (e.g., What is femicide?). Avoid revealing your biases (personal opinions) in your questions (In what ways are children harmed when raised in a single-parent household? Instead: How does being raised in a single-parent household affect children?).
Two of your research questions should be open-ended and one should be closed-ended. Open-ended questions are answered with explanations (e.g., why questions). Closed-ended questions have finite answers like yes/no, a percentage, or a date. Avoid second person in your research questions (i.e., you, your, yours). Research questions are not directed to a person.
Open-ended examples:
RQ1: How are family dynamics altered when a family member is transgender?
RQ2: What strategies do college graduates use to cope with student loan debt?
Close-ended examples:
RQ3: How many sex reassignment surgeries were performed globally in 2000 compared to 2020?
RQ4: Is colorism a factor in how immigrants are treated in the United States?
III. Research Design (about one paragraph per research question)
For each research question, identify a research method you could use to answer it and explain how you could do that. Use at least two different research methods in this section (see Griffiths et al., Chapter 2). Review the methods in Chapter 2 carefully in making your selections.
Note: You are not answering your research questions in this project. You are proposing a plan of research.
IV. Ethics (about one paragraph per method)
Describe the ethical concerns involved with your proposed research design. See Griffiths et al., Chapter 2, section 2.3 for a discussion of ethics or the American Sociological Association website
V. Conclusion (about one paragraph)
Summarize your paper in the conclusion (how is the topic socially important, why did you choose it, etc.).
Use the American Sociological Association (ASA) format to cite your sources (consult Purdue OWL for assistance). I use ASA format to cite the textbook in the syllabus. Look at it to see an example of a book citation. Only use scholarly sources (scholarly books, peer-reviewed journal articles, .gov; websites ending in .edu and .org may be appropriate on a case-by-case basis). No dictionaries or general encyclopedias. When in doubt, please ask.


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