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Please write a 200-word response for this discussion post: #1 The various module


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Please write a 200-word response for this discussion post:
The various modules that makeup Community Health Nursing have been very effective in meeting the objectives set out in this course. We learned to respond to the health needs of individuals, families, and communities in a variety of ways. Learning about the determinants of health in module four, such as access to health services, environmental factors, policymaking, genetics, and one’s behavior can help guide how to best support patients (Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion [ODPHP], 2021). Module six explored the nurse’s role in supporting members of the LGBT community to navigate the healthcare system and ways to improve serving this community. In module seven, we learned about legal and economic issues regarding community assessments such as improving the community’s financial and health-related shortfalls.
Various strategies to improve healthcare and reduce disparities among vulnerable populations included supporting individuals of the LGBT community, recognizing, and addressing aging bias in module one, and even assisting those affected by natural disasters as explained in the PowerPoint for module three. Some of the strategies to reduce these disparities in vulnerable populations include conducting community assessments such as with modules seven and eight, which could improve health access for underserved populations. Other disparities include combating ageism by developing a community action plan detailed in module one. Module four investigates the future trends of nursing as epidemiology and the nurse’s role in breaking the chain of infection through education in prevention such as vaccines, hand hygiene, and cough etiquette.
Modules three, four, and five incorporate planning, analyzing, implementing, and evaluating public health surveillance and identification such as conducting influenza surveillance in conjunction with state and local health departments (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2021). Module five explored the role of the school nurse and programs specific to preventing sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies among adolescents. Module three entailed looking at disaster readiness, preparation, and collaboration among public health nurses and various agencies. Reviewing the Red Cross website led to a self-reflection of our readiness for a natural disaster, where we learned about emergency kits, preparing, and practicing escape plans, and appropriate shelter locations depending on the type of disaster (The American National Red Cross, 2021).
Lastly, the community assessment project of modules seven and eight have allowed me to connect with my community in a way that I did not know I could make a difference. I have focused on reducing food insecurity and increasing access to free food for students. This project is very near and dear to my heart, and the methodical process of conducting a community assessment has allowed for the gathering of data to isolate where the greatest needs exist to combat them on the front lines. This community nursing course has encompassed practical applications of nursing to my career, already having an immediate impact on how I function as a nurse. Being aware of determinants of health, potential social inequalities, and ideal disease prevention techniques are now a part of my nursing experience and implementation.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2021, October 22). Seasonal influenza.
Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2021, October 14). Determinants of health. Healthy People 2020. U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services.
The American National Red Cross. (2021). How to prepare for emergencies.
Please write a 200-word response to this discussion post:
The community health nursing course has been a real eye-opener to me as a nurse. This course has changed my perspectives in regards to
how I view my patients and the community. I am now able to contemplate and understand the different nursing practices and the public health practices that enable us, nurses, to promote and preserve the health of others. I believe the course has made me a better nurse. I am now better equipped in health provision, disease prevention, and strategies to educate the public and my communities. To the community, nurses
have several roles, including being a care provider, a leader, collaborator, and a researcher. Healthcare workers act as catalysts and
advocates between the community and healthier lifestyles. In addition, nurses offer important services to the community, including
counseling, screening, and assisting patients in hospital procedures and ways to educate better (Evans-Agnew et al., 2017). The health care system is faced with different forces which may influence it negatively or positively. To my understanding, political factors are considered to
have more significant and major impacts on public health. To achieve better health, countries and the community should have higher public
spending and advocate for lower-income inequalities. Health disparities can be reduced through integrating strategies like increasing and
improving the capacity of nurses, improving health insurance cover, and providing better health care. Also, by raising public awareness towards diseases, the public can prevent and
protect themselves better. In this time and era, some lifestyles affect the patients and communities both positively or negatively. Most trends, including smoking and alcohol, have been associated with poor health and adverse effects in the future (Quinn, Ghaziri & Knight, 2019). Nurses
have to have better knowledge and ways to help their patients in the future to limit the challenges. Public health surveillance involves
collecting, analyzing, and interpreting relevant data from healthcare institutes, professionals, and patients. Surveillance helps healthcare
workers evaluate and decide if there could be an outbreak of diseases and ways to avoid such cases. Nursing care strategies help nurses and healthcare professionals assess, diagnose, predict patient outcomes, provide interventions where necessary, and evaluate the best ways to
provide quality care. In disasters, healthcare workers must be ready and prepared to deal with the work and chaos that comes with the job.
These strategies equip them with the required knowledge to work under pressure and handle themselves professionally.
Quinn, B., Ghaziri, M., & Knight, M. (2019). Incorporating social justice, community partnership, and student engagement in community health
nursing courses. Teaching and Learning in Nursing, 14(3), 183-185.
Evans-Agnew, R., Reyes, D., Primomo, J., Meyer, K., & Matlock-Hightower, C. (2017). Community health needs assessments: Expanding the
boundaries of nursing education in population health. Public Health Nursing, 34(1), 69-77. https://doi/abs/10.1111/phn.12298


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