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Reflecting on Previous Week’s Action Plan. (½ page) Reflect on the positive acti


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Reflecting on Previous Week’s Action Plan. (½ page) Reflect on the positive action plan you created last week to expand or strengthen your relationships. Complete the following sentence stems to review your progress on your positive action towards expanding or strengthening your relationships last week. Include the sentence stems in your half-page action plan.
One success I had when carrying out my action plan to expand or strengthen my relationships was…
Something I realized or learned when carrying out my action plan to expand or strengthen my relationships was…
One way I could have pushed my growth even more in expanding or strengthening my relationships was…
An additional support I could have reached out to to support my progress towards last week’s expand or strengthen my relationships action plan was…
New Skill Practice Reflection: (1 page total) Reflect on how you have created shared meaning in your most important relationships. Additionally, reflect on how you might you use “rumble language” to approach a difficult situation with a friend or family member with curiosity. Include a response to the following prompts for a total of 1 page double spaced.
Shared Meaning: (1/2 page) What are some of the ways you create shared meaning in your different relationships? Describe the rituals of connection you engage in with your friendships, roommates, family, partners, etc. What are some of the symbols in your relationship? How do you appreciate each other’s roles in these relationships? What shared values and goals do you have in your different relationships? How does cultivating a sense of shared meaning deepen your relationships? Describe specific examples. Where are areas you want to expand or intentionally develop to strengthen your sense of shared meaning in your different relationships?
Rumble Language: (1/2 page) Think of a time in the last few weeks that you experienced tension or conflict with a friend, roommate, or family member. What was your stormy first draft of responding in the situation? What unspoken emotions did you experience below the Anger Iceberg? How did your stormy response connect with any of the 4 Horsemen and how did this stormy first draft impact the relationship? Were you able to catch yourself and revise the interaction to be a “rumble conversation”? How did you or how could you have used “rumble language” to support you in leaning into your vulnerability to repair the relationship? What would you have said and how do you see that changing the outcome of the conversation?
Positive Action Planning for the Week: Develop a positive action plan for creating shared meaning in your relationships this week. Complete the following sentence stems to create a plan to take positive action towards creating shared meaning in your relationships this week.
One thing I can get excited about in terms of creating shared meaning in my relationships this week is…
A stressful situation that may occur that could keep me from creating shared meaning in my relationships this week is…
I commit to doing this action plan to demonstrate personal growth in creating shared meaning in my relationships this week:
I will use the following skills to assist me in completing this action plan:
This action plan relates to my goals and values because:
I will know that my action plan was effective at the end of the week if:
Class Activity Reflection: (1 page) Reflect on your group’s and classmates’ discussion of the “Four Horsemen” during quiz section this week. The Four Horsemen are four negative communication tendencies that impact relationships: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling (e.g. the “silent treatment”), and contempt. Your response for this section should be 1 page double spaced.
Negative Communication Tendencies (1/2 page) – Which of the four horsemen do you tend to demonstrate or exhibit most? Describe a time or event when you demonstrated this behavior. Who are you more likely to be critical, defensive, stonewall, or contemptuous with? What physical sensations do you experience when this happens? What thoughts do you have when you are critical, defensive, stonewall, or contemptuous? What is your “stormy first draft” or what your action urge is telling you to do?
Skill Use (at least 1/2 page) – What is an effective, translation instead? What skills did you group identify from EDUC 200/215 to notice the urge to use the negative communication style you described above? Describe exactly how you would skillfully notice. What skills from EDUC 200/215 did your group identify to effectively respond to the other person instead? Describe exactly how you would effectively communicate instead. Please refer to the “Antidotes to the Four Horsemen” slide from the Week 8 lecture if you’d like additional guidance on what skills to use.
Gratitude Post: (½ page) Write a half a page about something that happened this week that you are grateful for.
Reading/Lecture Reflection: (½ page) Reflect on the previous lecture and the assigned readings for next week and/or the associated videos. Respond to the following prompts in a half page.
What is one thing that resonated with you class on Tuesday, particularly from the lecture material? What do you still have questions about (if anything)?
Identify one way you can see the content in the readings for next week’s lecture helping you going forward.


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