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Respond to each of the following prompts about the attached abstract; follow the


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Respond to each of the following prompts about the attached abstract; follow the instructions closely.
1. Explain what the researchers did and why. Try to make your answer clearer and more concise than what appears on the handout.
a) Write your answer in 3 sentences or fewer.
b) Do not quote or paraphrase when answering this question. (You may use the abbreviation KTE without quoting.)
2. Paraphrase the final sentence of the excerpt.
a) Remember that paraphrases do not simply substitute words, but also reform the sentence structure.
b) Your paraphrase should be clearer than the original.
c) It can be shorter, but not longer than the original
d) Include a proper MLA or APA in-text citation.
3. Complete the following sentence using a quotation from the excerpt:
“the researchers recorded videos of three teams discussing their work on ‘ ’”
a) Include a proper MLA or APA in-text citation. Do not cite me; only cite the abstract.
b) You will be quoting within my quotation, so use quotation marks appropriately.
4. Include a formatted Works Cited or References entry, as appropriate.
Healthcare Policy 8(4) May 2013: 19-26.doi:10.12927/hcpol.2013.23399
“How to Summarize a 6,000-Word Paper in a Six-Minute Video Clip”
Pascale Lehoux, Patrick Vachon, Genevieve Daudelin and Myriam Hivon
As part of our research team’s knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) efforts, we created a six-minute video clip that summarizes, in plain language, a scientific paper that describes why and how three teams of academic entrepreneurs developed new health technologies. Recognizing that video-based KTE strategies can be a valuable tool for health services and policy researchers, this paper explains the constraints and sources of inspiration that shaped our video production process. Aiming to provide practical guidance, we describe the steps and tools that we used to identify, refine and package the key content of the scientific paper into an original video format.
Health services and policy researchers seek to influence diverse professional, policy and non-expert communities that may never have access to research findings in the form of scientific papers. Because audio-visual material can convey complex arguments and trigger new reflections (Harrison 2002), we developed a six-minute video clip as part of our integrated knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) efforts. Within the context of a workshop, our goal was to foster productive deliberations by health technology developers, clinicians and patient representatives. Our video clip summarizes, in plain language, the key findings of a qualitative study that describes the process by which three teams of academic entrepreneurs each developed a new technology: a cardiac ablation catheter, a labour decision support software application and a home monitoring system (Lehoux et al. 2011). While technology developers, clinicians and patient representatives influence, and are influenced by, the development of new medical technologies, they may not share a common understanding of the issues at hand and may also lose sight of the “bigger picture” when it comes to technological development in healthcare. For an audience that may not be reached by scientific communication channels (e.g., healthcare providers, patients), our video clip provides an opportunity to ponder the broader implications of three different approaches to the design of medical technologies: “Building, Assembling, Adapting” (see video, in French):
Since health services and policy researchers are increasingly involved in KTE and interested in novel communication strategies (Straus et al. 2009), this paper explains the key constraints and sources of inspiration that nourished our video production process. Our goal being to provide practical guidance, we describe the KTE approach that we adopted, along with the steps and tools that we used to iteratively identify, refine and package our key messages into an original video clip.


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