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Respond to the following 2 classmates that fosters discussion. Classmate 1: Thi


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Respond to the following 2 classmates that fosters discussion.
Classmate 1:
This week I decided to expand on the theoretical category of social process. Specifically, I decided to expand on the theory of social disorganization. Social disorganization theory is defined in the textbook as “Shawn and McKay’s theory that crime is due to social disorganization and social breakdown of an area” (Hagan & Daigle 2019). In essence this theory explains that areas which are outsourced from the rest or are experiencing considerable change are more likely to have higher crime rates when compared to their opposites. However, one of the major critiques to this theory, which is also outlined in the text, is that this theory requires the person studying it to commit ecological fallacies. An ecological fallacy occurs when you use the statistics of a group to describe the behavior of an individual, studies and statistics based on this fallacy do not provide accurate information on individual behavior. The theory of social disorganization relates back to the theoretical school it falls under, social process, since it deals with the social relation and position the individual is in when determining the likelihood that a person will commit a crime and why crime is higher or lower in certain areas. Even with its flaws, social disorganization allows us to create new policies that could reduce crime. One policy that can be created using social disorganization theory is to aid areas that are on the outskirts of the city, county, town, etc. Since social disorganization expresses those areas with little organization are more likely to be the victim of higher crime rates we can focus resources that will provide better/more organization. Such resources could include the creation of government offices that provide assistance, examples include police stations, political offices, or state program offices. Bringing these types of resources into the described areas can allow for more supervision, organization of the community, and help. Essentially, the resources will lift the burden and strain off the residents, thus reducing the crime rate.
Classmate 2:
Sutherland’s theory of differential association explains that people become criminals because of the environment. Through the interactions with other offenders, people learn their values, motives, and methods for criminal behaviours. Sutherland’s explanation of criminality, “crime is a learned social phenomenon, transmitted in the same manner in which more conventional behavior and attitudes are passed on.” (Hagan & Daigle, pg 187) Donald Cressey outlines the misinterpretations of the differential association theory. The theory sounds like it expresses concerns only for individuals that have contact with criminal offenders but actually it refers to both criminal and noncriminal behaviours. Sometimes the theory is described as people becoming criminals because of an “excess of associations with criminals” but it actually says that criminal attitudes can be learned from the unintentional transmission of such values by noncriminals.” (Hagan & Daigle, pg 190) According to this theory there is not much that a policy decision can help to reduce crime. Most of the time the offenders choose to go back to the old friends, or the old neighborhood. However, I think by creating an educative program for the offenders that teaches them what social interactions with the wrong or right people can cause to them. Also, by offering them a job far from their city where they can start their lives all over again can help to understand the value of living a life far from the crime.


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