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Responded to the post, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are wel


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Responded to the post, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are welcomed. Be sure to maintain academic rigor and professionalism at all times.
The official definition of cyberterrorism is the intention to damage or disrupt vital computer systems by terrorism activities. Hacktivism on the other hand is the disruption and infiltration of a network to further political or social activist goals. Anonymous, one of the biggest hacktivist collectives recently emerged to leak data held by website hosting firm Epik. Epik was known to provide services that hosted far-right and other extremist organizations. Another recent cyberterrorist attack was on Colonial Pipeline. It came from a criminal extortion ring that wanted to hold corporate data for ransom.
Though they both involve the use of computers, hacking, and the internet, cyberterrorism’s main goal is to cause more permanent harm. Cyberterrorists do it for their own gain by severely hurting and causing catastrophic damages to the economic system. Hacktivists do it to raise awareness of their social-political message.
With the advancement of technology, everything is now online. Technology makes it easier for groups with agendas to gain access to these networks. These groups can wreak havoc and cripple society at a glance. Our information is all over the internet; businesses are trying their best to protect our privacy. Our freedom comes at a cost of our privacy and our government is always trying to find measures to protect it. We all want our privacy but at the same time the freedom. We need to be proactive alongside the government in keeping our economy running and our information safe. Cyber threats are real and can affect everything around us.
Hacktivism may be justified to a degree, but it can lead to becoming a subset of cyberterrorism. I can understand if they’re doing it to whistleblow the corruption within the company. They may just want to voice their concerns and objections in order to bring it out to the public. The public would not know even know the injustice if it did not come to light. Though, when Anon attacked Paypal, bringing it down alongside Visa and MasterCard it brought economic ramifications. With online shopping even more apparent today, bringing those three down would’ve brought businesses to a halt. Hacktivism may be another term for vigilantism and can lead to the more evil purposes of cyberterrorism. It may blur the lines between social activism and terrorism.
Lyngaas, Sean (2021 September 21). ‘Anonymous’ hackers claim to hit website hosting firm popular with Proud Boys. CNN Politics. (Links to an external site.)
Sanger, David & Perlroth, Nicole (2021 June 08). Pipeline Attack Yields Urgent Lessons About U.S. Cybersecurity. The New York Times.


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