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Sharp Essay The purpose of this essay is to understand why sexual harassment and


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Sharp Essay
The purpose of this essay is to understand why sexual harassment and sexual assaults is continuing in the US ARMY even with all the training and exercises that are implemented to keep this from happening.
Sexual harassment and sexual assaults unfortunately has been around since the beginning of time. In 2008, the US ARMY, implemented the SHARP program to train and teach each and every Solider from E-1 all the way to 4 star generals in how to prevent sexual harassment and sexual assaults. In 2008, there was 3327 cases, before 2008, no one is 100 percent sure.
In my own opinion, I have researched this topic for the last few days, and I have come to the conclusion, the SHARP program is extremely effective in training today’s soldiers on sexual harassment and sexual assault, I do believe the issues is coming from a number of different issues: an example would be the solider that passed away in Fort Hood Texas, as one of the latest issues I know of. The death of Fort Hood soldier caused a lot of US service men and women to wonder if the SHARP program was actually helping these soldiers that filled a compliant using sharp. I also realized that a lot of soldiers wonder if reporting this as an issue, will cause them issues later on in their military career. Many theories have been said in order to figure out the issue but it takes all soldiers to make this work.
The sharp program has numerous ways to report any sexual harassment and sexual assault. Sexual harassment is described as; anyone making the work place hostile, cat calling, inappropriate pictures and emails sent, and blocking anyone from leaving a room. Sexual assault is described as an actual action done without consent. In order to make the SHARP program work, and leader needs to give these classes to make sure all US military personal, civilians, and all DOD workers understand what to watch out for and if they report, they will not be punished, with that being said, all reports are investigated, whether it’s anonymous, direct or indirect. Also in accordance with AR 600-20 anyone can use the sharp program …” a. The SHARP Program provides assistance to—
(1) Soldiers and their dependent Family members who are 18 years and older.
(a) A Family member does not lose their right to file a restricted report if they are also a DA Civilian.
(b) A Soldier may file a sexual harassment complaint on behalf of a Family member.
(2) Soldiers who report being sexually assaulted prior to entry into the Army. Reports of prior-to-military service sexual assault will be handled in accordance with the procedures for restricted and unrestricted reports outlined in this regulation and applicable DoD policy, as appropriate, based on the type of report made (restricted or unrestricted).
(3) ARNG and USAR Soldiers who are sexually assaulted when performing active service, as defined in 10 USC 101(d) and inactive duty training. If reporting a sexual assault that occurred prior to or while not performing active service or inactive training, ARNG and USAR members will be eligible to receive timely access to SHARP advocacy services from a SARC and SHARP VA or VR, and the appropriate nonmedical referrals. ARNG and USAR members also have access to a Special Victims’ Counsel and are eligible to file a restricted or unrestricted report. USAR mem-bers can report at any time, and do not have to wait to start active service or be in inactive status to file their report.
(4) The following nonmilitary individuals who experience sexual assault are only eligible for limited emergency medical care services at a MTF and to make an unrestricted report. The listed nonmilitary individuals will also be offered limited SHARP services, defined as assistance from the SARC and a SHARP VA or VR while undergoing emergency care.
(a) DA Civilians and their Family members 18 years of age and older when they are stationed or performing duties OCONUS and eligible for treatment in the MTF at military installations or facilities OCONUS. However, SHARP professionals can assist all DA Civilians with identifying appropriate civilian sexual assault resources.
(b) U.S. citizen DoD contractor personnel when they are authorized to accompany the Armed Forces in OCONUS contingency operations and their U.S. citizen employees.
(c) All victims who contact SHARP professionals for assistance, regardless of their military status, will be given all necessary assistance, support, and access to resources permitted by law and policy.
b. This policy does not apply to victims of sexual assault perpetrated by a spouse or intimate partner as defined in DoDI 6400.06 or Family members under the age of 18 who are sexually assaulted. The Family Advocacy Program, as described in DoDM 6400.01 Volumes 1–4 and AR 608–18, provides the full range of services to those individuals. When sexual assault or sexual harassment occurs as a result of domestic abuse or involves child abuse, SHARP pro-fessionals will refer the victim to the Family Advocacy Program.
In conclusion, in order to make the US ARMY a safer place, everyone needs to pay attention to what is going on around them, maybe just one person speaks up, it might save a few others. Also a few changes may need in order to make it work this I found on the internet as it say “Ideas to be presented include virtual reality training with scenarios to build empathy, a competition to create scenario-based videos to eliminate power point training, and changing the SHARP program to include allowing soldiers to report to SHARP representatives outside of their unit.”


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