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This assignment addresses Course Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Throughout our time tog


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This assignment addresses Course Outcomes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Throughout our time together, we have covered many aspects of the social sciences’ perspectives toward the institution of sport. Within these analyses we have discovered and addressed many issues that affect participants and spectators alike on local, national, and global scales. Your job in this final assignment is to select a single sport and analyze its contemporary faults in some detail. You will highlight what you think are some of the most important issues that currently face one of these major sports, and then you will offer a re-design of that sport in such a way that these issues are rectified, or greatly minimized. You can select a sport whose principal failings you see at the collegiate level, or choose a sport that you find to be failing in certain ways at any or all levels, from youth sports to the professional ranks. For example, if you were to select and analyze racial bias in the coaching staffs of the professional ranks of the NBA (e.g., Basketball and race, organizational leadership as well as class/income as some of the issues you might explore), after reviewing the sport’s dilemmas on these counts, you might recommend that the NBA institute an affirmative action policy, mandating that professional sports organizations hire a certain percentage of minorities. You might even then explore whether this same policy ought to apply to women and other ethnic minorities, or to upper management and franchise ownership. There are many different facets of the sport you may consider when addressing your selected important issues in a given sport.
Before beginning this project, please be sure you have thoroughly read and reviewed all of the contents of these first seven modules, paying special attention to the predominant issues that confront one of the world’s major sports. Then, please write a 1,000 word essay (at least 4 pages of double-spaced, 12-point font of text) addressing the following questions. A bibliography should make up an additional page.
1) Using relevant reading and video content from the first seven modules, please identify a few socioeconomic issues that plague a particular major sport. These issues can be focused on traditional socioeconomic variables such as race, class, gender etc., or you can introduce some of your own issue identifications such as laws and rule governance in a sport, or illegal drug use at high school and college level sports, or the economic rights of citizens in public subsidy of sport etc.
2) Provide one specific example, or data point, that illustrates the issues you have identified. For example, think about a key set of statistics, or case studies. Be sure to do some homework here in locating sources for these important examples or data points.
3) Next, explain how the current rules, practices or policies of the sport you are discussing need to be changed in order to address your concerns. The changes to these rules, practices or policies should be specific to your concerns. In order to accomplish this part of the paper, please familiarize yourself with the relevant customs and policies of the sport you are focusing upon. Where you can assess the likelihood of changes in your selected sport, bear in mind that sport, like the broader society, often takes time to evolve on certain issues.
4) Finally, anticipate and analyze the backlash, if any, from your proposed changes. For example, do your proposed changes run counter to broad societal or cultural values? If you do not anticipate any backlash from these proposed changes, please explain why that would be the case. In sum, in your considered assessment how would your proposed changes make the sport, and possibly society itself, better off?


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