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This is an open book assignment. You are welcome to use any resources available


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This is an open book assignment. You are welcome to use any resources available to you.
In “The Uses of Anger” Audre Lorde writes “For it is not the anger of Black women which is dripping down over this globe like a diseased liquid. It is not my anger that launches rockets, spends over sixty thousand dollars a second on missiles and other agents of war and death, slaughters children in cities, stockpiles nerve gas and chemical bombs, sodomizes our daughters and our earth. It is not the anger of Black women which corrodes into blind, dehumanizing power, bent upon the annihilation of us all unless we meet it with what we have, our power to examine and to redefine the terms upon which we will live and work; our power to envision and to reconstruct, anger by painful anger, stone upon heavy stone, a future of pollinating difference and the earth to support our choices. ”
To complete this assignment you are envisioning a creative paper.
What is a creative paper? You will mix and merge your academic paper writing skills with your imagination. How you express the imaginative part is up to you – you can create music, drawing, painting, collage, video, sculpture, dance and anything else that you feel inspired to do.
Imagine the new world Lorde suggests we create. What does this world look like? What can we do to get there? What are the alternatives? What is the world we live in now and why does it need to be envision something different? To put it differently you are asked to describe your own utopia. You can choose to do this as a team project with someone else. If you are doing it with other people make sure to tell me – you will need to increase the number of sources, issues you address and length of the project.
There are several parts to this assignment that you will complete before the actual final.
Brainstorming – answering questions what are some key problems society faces today. Choose three you would like to address in this project.
Creating a time line for yourself 10pt
Researching on the three issues and creating a reference list. You should have a minimum of 3 references. This will be due before the final but you can change sources later and present accurate ones at the final if you changed.10p
Decide on art form(s) you plan to use
Outline your project – a draft will be due before the final so that I can give you feedback. It is pass/fail so if you submit you get points. 10p
Write your own bio to go with it – the draft is due before but you can edit and submit the correct version before the final. The draft is pass fail so if you do it you get points but I will ask you to make correction for the final. 10pt
Create art work to go with the text.
Write the text (7 and 8 can be happening at the same time)
Put everything together in a single document 150
Share your work and engage with others 10
Professional or Artistic Biography
Write your own bio and include how you relate to your project. It should be around 250 words minimum. Some questions to address:
Who are you (your name, and identity)? What have you done so far (highlights)? What are your interests? What do you plan to do? How is your project informed by who you are?
Create your own time line for the Final Project.
Are you working solo or with someone else (if with someone else include who)? If you are working with others make sure to get your time lines in sync
What do you need to do? List everything you think you may need to work on for this including buying supplies if needed (you don’t have to but for example if you want to create a water color painting and don’t have water colors you may need to go and get some).
What are three social issues you will research?
What art form you plan to use?
When do you plan to do it?
When will you do your research?
When will you create your bio?
When will you create works cited draft?
When will you start creating art portion? This should include obtaining any supplies or software you may need.
When will you write the text portion?
When will you edit
If you are doing as a team when will you meet to discuss
Include anything else you may need to put as a reminder for yourself or a question for me (you can also email or text with questions)
Artist bio examples

How to Write an Artist Bio (With Examples)


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