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This is what the whole paper will be on but I just need where it says Presentati


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This is what the whole paper will be on but I just need where it says Presentation (week 8) done for me.
Although there is not a Course Project for technical communication in the traditional sense, there is a significant, multistep assignment beginning in Week 4 and continuing through Week 8—a formal report or business proposal.
The two most common types of formal, longer, business documents are reports and proposals. There are some similarities between the two but some important differences as well. Formal reports are internal documents. They are written to be read by other members of the organization. Proposals, on the other hand, are external documents. They are meant to be read by people outside of the organization. Based on your interests, experiences, and career goals, you will choose to write either a formal report or a business proposal.
If you choose to write a formal report, its subject will be the analysis of, and recommendations for, the improvement of a product, service, or process that the company offers. The audience for this report will be the decision makers at the organization who have the ability to approve your idea. Here are a few sample ideas for formal reports.
Assume you work in a bank. You have an idea to make it easier for new customers to switch banks without missing any bill payments.
Assume you work for a charitable organization. You have a plan to encourage more donations, attract volunteers, or improve the charity in some other way.
Assume you are in the military. You have a plan to improve morale or to enhance combat readiness.
Assume you work in a manufacturing facility. You have a plan to streamline production.
Assume you work for a software company. You have a plan to make your software more secure from hackers.
You may base your report topic on something related to your current career or a previous one. If you don’t have formal work experience, you may base your report on the type of organization you’d like to work for in the future.
Alternatively, you may choose to write a business proposal. A business proposal is a plan for a new business, aimed at attracting financial support. You may choose any type of business you like, but it should be consistent with your major and your career goals.
Important note: Although reusing and recycling is great for the environment, it is not allowed here. You must use an original idea and original research for this assignment. You may not resubmit an assignment from another class.
Regardless of your choice, the required length is the same—a minimum of 1,500 words. In addition, you will create a presentation based on your report or proposal. It will be approximately 5 minutes long.
Chapters 12 and 13 provide guidelines and examples to help you write your report or proposal. More specifically, page 414 shows the components of a business plan, and page 415 shows the components of a formal report. Not all of the components shown on these pages are needed for every report. The components you will need to include are shown below.
Required Elements of a Formal Report
Title Page: Title of the report, author’s name, date
Table of Contents: List of all major components of the report and what page each component begins on
Executive Summary: One-page overview of the report
Current Situation: Analyze the current state of the organization and make the case for why there is a business need for this new product, service, or process.
Objectives: Explain how this new product, service, or process will help the organization meets its goals.
Deliverables: Show what will be done and when it will be done
Costs/ROI: Provide the cost of implementing these changes, as well as an estimated return on investment.
References: List all sources cited in text in APA format.
Required Elements of a Business Proposal
Title Page: As above
Table of Contents: As above
Executive Summary: As above
Business Description: Explain what products or services the business provides and where it will be located.
Business Objectives: List the company’s short-term and long-term goals.
Market Analysis: Evaluate the competition and explain what differentiates this business from others.
Description of Products and Services: Provide additional details about the products and services.
Financial Management: Give a breakdown of all costs, as well as projected revenues.
References: As above
Milestones for Report or Proposal
Week 4: Topic Selection Assignment (50 points)
Week 5: Annotated Bibliography (100 points)
Week 6: Rough Draft (80 points)
Week 7: Final Draft (140 points)
Week 8: Presentation (100 points)
For more details on each of these steps, see the corresponding assignment description in the appropriate module.
Tips for Success
Choose a topic you are passionate about; after all, you’ll be working on this assignment for many weeks.
Set aside blocks of time to work on this; ultimately, you’ll be more efficient this way.
Stay on track with the milestones; it is easier to keep up than to catch up.
Ask your professor if you need help.
Formal Report or Proposal Topic Selection (Week 4)
This week we begin the major assignment for this course: a formal report or a proposal.
For this week’s assignment, you will write a memo addressed to your instructor in which you share your plans for your Course Project. In order to convince your instructor to approve your topic, you must explain what your topic is, why you have chosen it, and how you plan to complete it successfully. You may find it helpful to divide your memo into three paragraphs: the what, the why, and the how. The recommended length of this assignment is one page. See Appendix B, Formatting for Letters and Memos, pages 560–561, to learn more about the memo format and to see a sample memo. In addition, the Assignment Connection in the Week 4 Lesson will provide more tips and advice for choosing a strong topic.
Annotated Bibliography (Week 5)
This week, you will create an annotated bibliography for your formal report or proposal. In it, you will identify four relevant, timely, and authoritative sources directly related to the topic of your report or proposal. It is highly recommended that you use the DeVry Library (Links to an external site.), especially the databases (Links to an external site.).
Each annotation will have these elements.
The correct APA-style reference
A summary of the source, written in your own words (never copy the abstract)
One brief, interesting quotation, introduced with a verb phrase, author/date citation, and page number
An overall assessment of the article and an explanation of how it will be used in your report or proposal
Tamaddoni, A., Stakhovych, S., & Ewing, M. (2017). The impact of personalised incentives on the profitability of customer retention campaigns. Journal of Marketing Management, 33(5/6), 327–347.
Summary: This article contends that while there have been many studies made on churn (p. 328), the term used to describe loss or turnover of customers, there has been very little research on strategies to reduce churn. The authors contend that offering incentives may help companies to retain customers but that such incentives must be individualized based on customer buying habits to be effective. In other words, not all customers are equally worth retaining.
Interesting Quote: Tamaddoni and Ewing (2017) point out an often overlooked fact: “It is plausible to have a customer who is likely to churn and who is also not profitable” (p. 332).
Assessment: This well-researched and authoritative source will be very useful for my formal report, which focuses on increasing customer loyalty at the company where I work. It will support my point that our efforts should focus primarily on retaining our most profitable customers.
Use the Cite feature in our DeVry databases as a general guide but not as a substitute for understanding correct APA citation rules.
Pay close attention to capitalization and italics.
Put your sources in alphabetical order by the lead author’s last name.
Submit your assignment as an APA-style document. The Assignment Connection in the Week 5 Lesson will provide more tips and advice.
Rough Draft (Week 6)
This week you will submit a rough draft of your formal report or proposal. If you are writing a formal report, your rough draft will include the following elements.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
If you are writing a proposal, your rough draft will include the following elements.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Business Description
Business Objectives
Because the final draft must be at least 1,500 words long, your rough draft should be at least half that length, or 750 words (longer is ok). For more information on the proper formatting of reports and proposals, see the Assignment Connection in the Week 6 Lesson.
Final Draft (Week 7)
This week you will submit the final version of your formal report or proposal. If you are writing a formal report, the final draft will include the following elements.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
References (without annotations)
If you are writing a proposal, the final draft will include the following elements.
Title Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Business Description
Business Objectives
Description of Products and/or Services
Marketing and Sales Strategy
Financial Management
References (without annotations)
As previously noted, the minimum required length is 1,500 words. Microsoft Word and other similar programs will show your word count to help you make sure your assignment meets the length requirement.
Presentation (Week 8)
This week you will submit your presentation based on your report or proposal. It will consist of five to six visually appealing slides, accompanied by an audio recording of approximately 5 minutes in total (or about 1 minute per slide).
The basic slide structure should be as follows.
Title slide, with title of presentation, student name, name of the class, and the date
An overview or contents slide, previewing the main points to be covered
A few body slides that cover the main points of the report or proposal
A references slide
In creating your presentation, keep in mind the following advice.
A presentation is meant to be a high-level overview. It is not intended to be as detailed as the formal report or proposal. That’s why it can be kept relatively short.
Reports and proposals are primarily text-based documents, but presentations are highly visual. Make your slides visually engaging by providing charts, graphs, and illustrations.
Be frugal with text. For each slide, try to limit the number of bullets to about four and the number of words in each bullet phrase to 10 or fewer. Use phrases with strong verbs rather than whole sentences.
See the Assignment Connection in the Week 7 Lesson for more tips and advice on creating an effective presentation with audio narration.


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