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Track 1 Si Veo Tu Mamá (If I See Your Mom)


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Track 1 Si Veo Tu Mamá (If I See Your Mom)
1a. After viewing the video above and reading the article below, how does Bad Bunny profoundly open his second album?
1b. As a marquesina is a garage that becomes used as a patio for social gatherings, why does the article say that “YHLQMDLG plays like a mixtape for a San Juan marquesina”? 2. What is the origin of the underlying Dembow riddim of reggaetón? 3. Read (and listen…scroll down to the audio link) the NYT Magazine article below. In three sentences or more, how does the author Carina del Valle Schorske describe her personal interview with Bad Bunny, his YHLQMDLG recording, and his place in music history and cultural history? PDF nyt bad bunny carina
4. As the first voice we hear singing below in Yo Perreo Sola is the Boricua singer Nesi, how does having an actual female voice underscore the message of the song? 5. Why do you think Bad Bunny dresses in drag in Yo Perreo Sola? 6. What does the article below say about the meaning behind the neon green sign at 1:27 that reads Ni Una Menos (Not One Less)? Track 5 Yo Perreo Sola (I Twerk Alone)
7. Which of the following songs is most interesting to you (or any others from the album not listed here) and why?
Track 2 La Difícil (Hard to Get)
Track 3 Pero Ya No (But Not Anymore)
Track 10 Vete (Leave)
Track 11 Ignorantes (Ignorant)
8. At 2:55 how would you describe Bad Bunny’s venture into the video game world in Hablamos Mañana? Track 19 Hablamos Mañana (Talk to you Tomorrow)
9. What is your impression of YHLQMDLG?
Bad Bunny 2021 Grammy win speech YHLQMDLG Best Latin Album
10. Considering his activism for social issues, his prominence in reggaeton and creative music videos, in three sentences or more: how has Bad Bunny transcended the role of merely a reggaetonero, and started to change the world as a visionary 21st century voice?
Bad Bunny 2021 Billboard Top Latin Artist Award
Bad Bunny 2021 Adidas shoe

1a. At 3:55 the Puerto Rican music of Bomba is a mix of what?
1b. At 11:10 Bomba is more than just music to Puerto Ricans; it is…
1c. At 17:16 describe the guitar-like instrument that was used in la Musica Jíbara. What instrument is this similar to in Cuba?
1d. At 18:30 to what does the term Taíno refer?
1e. At 21:56 we learn that the cuatro, guitar, güiro, and bongos; have origins of Criollo, Spain, Taíno, and Africa. What does the term Seis refer to? Puerto Rican Culture through Music
2a. At 0:48 below, Bomba was developed by who and when?
2b. At 1:02 what is Bámbula?
2c. At 2:11 what is Batey?
2d. At 2:22 identify and describe 3 instruments used in Bomba.
2e. At 2:44 what was the Barril made out of; how does this reflect its origin as an indigenous instrument?
2f. At 3:25 what are the roles of the two types of Bomba drummers, the Subidor (Primo) and the Buleador?
2g. At 4:05 how do they describe the conversation between drummer and dancer?
2h. At 8:30 how did the city of Loíza become involved with Black Lives Matter? 3a. At 0:55 below, how does Mar Cruz say Bomba helped her?
3b. At 1:43 what did Bomba provide a space for, and what did it stand for?
3c. At 5:38 what are the drums beckoning or asking one to do? 4a. How does seeing the Plena dance tell the story of everyday Boricuas reveal a unique part of Puerto Rican culture? 4b. At 1:55 below how does seeing Jennifer Lopez celebrate Plena in her live performances display her pride in her Puerto Rican heritage? (Links to an external site.)
5. How did El Gran Combo become known as “La Universidad de la Salsa” (The University of Salsa)? How do the recordings below of Brujería compare? 6. As you listen to the recordings below, why do you think Tito Rojas, who recently passed away, was known as “El Gallo Salsero” (The Salsa-Singing Rooster) ? Señora
Siempre Sere (I will always be)
Tormenta de Amor (Storm of Love)
7. How would you describe the salsa of Frankie Ruiz? 8a. How did turn-of-the-21st century popular musicians of Puerto Rican descent (Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez; who found success singing in English) follow in the footsteps of Dezi Arnaz, as opposed to those like Celia Cruz and Bad Bunny? 8b. How does Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, and its remix featuring Justin Bieber, further prove the point that América Latina está en todas partes (Latin America is everywhere)?
8c. As you read the article below, how did the success of Despacito change the industry’s acceptance of Latin music in the mainstream of 2017?
PDF nyt article despacito
Actions 8d. As Daddy Yankee and Ivy Queen were the most popular reggaeton artists in the early 21st century, how has reggaeton changed in the 2020s? 9a. How does the fact that Rosalía is a reggaetonera from Barcelona, Spain prove the point that reggaeton está en todas partes (Reggaeton is everywhere); and how does her collaboration with Bad Bunny, reggaetonero from Puerto Rico (the main origin of reggaeton), prove the point that Puerto Rico está en todas partes (Puerto Rico is everywhere)?
9b. Although Ivy Queen and Daddy Yankee were often referred to as the early queen & king of reggaeton, might it be possible to now describe Rosalía and Bad Bunny as the new queen and king of reggaeton? 10. How does seeing the Broadway playwright of Puerto Rican descent, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton performed for President Obama further prove the point that América Latina está en todas partes (Latin America is everywhere)?


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