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We learned a lot about what Caring means in Nursing through our last unit and th


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We learned a lot about what Caring means in Nursing through our last unit and the group PowerPoint presentations. Some key words and concepts are reflected in the words of Mayeroff and Roach as well as the work of the many nursing theorists which were shared. In addition to applying Caring to a nursing situation, it is important to apply it to ourselves. In this discussion board I would like you to reflect on what it means to apply Caring in your own life, both personally and professionally, both of which should be reflected in your response. It is expected that you will use the work of these theorists as you cite your responses.
Thought questions:
How do we care for others when we are hurting ourselves?
How do we separate our personal pain from the pain experienced by others?
Is it alright to share personal situations with our patients?
How can we be authentic in both nursing situations and personal situations, and respect professional boundaries?
How do we care for ourselves personally?
How do we care for ourselves professionally?
Does the work of a Caring theorist help to guide your path?
Post your initial cited and referenced response the first week of the module. Be sure to include in your posting a bibliographic citation for the article you have read and are responding to. Two cited and referenced peer responses are due as well; one cited and referenced response must be in the second week of the unit, the other cited and referenced peer response can appear in either week of the module.
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