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Assignment Guidelines and instructions:
In order to NOT be penalized for a short answer I recommend you have at minimum 250 to 300 words per answer. That gives you a range of 1,250 and 1,500 words, NOT including the actual question you are responding to. You can go over these numbers without penalty, they are there as a MINIMUM guide.
Each answer should follow the rules of Standard Written English
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for grammar, punctuation and paragraph formatting
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. This means your answer should NOT be one long paragraph (2 point deduction at minimum per question). Standard written English paragraph sizes are 5 to 7 sentences. The paper can be either double or single spaced, but must not have a font larger than New Times Roman 12 and a 1 inch margin. There are additional instructions in the Word document link regarding the content of your answers. Answers less than 250 words will be penalized 1 to 3 points depending on how short it is.
For this final exam project you will be able to choose which movie you would like to write about. Below are summaries of five movies (all summaries come from Rotten Tomatoes) and a brief presentation of what the main theme of the questions will be. The title for each movie will take you to that movie’s page with a link to the film, a link to a Word document you can use to submit, a summary of the film, and a list of the question to review to help you make your choice.
Review the summaries and questions and decide which one you would like to do and submit your paper by the final paper due date that is on your schedule. No Late papers will be accepted since it is the end of the term. All of the movies are on reserve in the Dale Mabry campus library if you prefer to watch and actual DVD. Otherwise there is a legal streaming link provided for each film on that movies description page.
See this example paper
Download example paper
from my Introduction to Sociology Class. This example does well with defining and applying concepts, but it suffers from long paragraphs. Remember to keep paragraph size between 5 to 7 sentences.
All of these movies will be graded according to the same scale.
Each question is it’s own answer and is worth 20 points for a total of 100 points. The best way to ensure you get the best grade is to use the Word document and put your answer in the space after each question. But make sure you follow proper paragraph formatting, etc. Some students just post one really long paragraph which is not correct format and will cost you at least 2 points per question. You will receive a grade pursuant to the following:
Up 5 points for detailed definitions of the concepts, this means more than just one sentence for the definition and a clear illustration that you understand the concept by providing real world examples. You do not have to use any external references for the definitions, I am looking that you understand the concepts, but if you do offer an “official” definition make sure you properly cite the material, even the text. Correct citation for the text: Strong, B. and Theodore F. Cohen. (2021) . The Marriage and Family: Intimate Relationships in a Changing Society. 14th Ed. Cengage Publishing: Boston: MA.
In text citation: (Strong & Cohen, 2021)
Up to 10 points for specific examples from the film for all concepts in the question, specific means description of a particular scene, character, or event that meets the definition requirement, or narration of an over arching idea that fits the parameters. The key word is specific. I need to be able to see that you have indeed watched the film and not just read reviews.
Up to 5 points for paragraph formatting, spelling, grammar, etc. If your answer is too short that is up to 3 points depending on how short it is, if it is only a little short it will be 1 point but if it is less than 200 words it will be up to 3 points. Spelling/grammar/punctuation is up to 2 points depending on how many errors there are (or if I have to take off for all one paragraph). Other items that could count as part of this grade is if I cannot tell where one answer begins and the next one ends and as mentioned above long paragraphs. Paragraphs that are longer than 7 sentences will be penalized by at minimum 2 points
Movie Choices: There are 4 to choose from.
Parenthood (1989) PG – 13
Topics include: family dysfunction, family communication, discussion of abortion, divorce, parenting issues and challenges, gender and sexuality issues
Pursuit of Happyness (2006) PG-13
Topics for this film paper are poverty, family dysfunction, homelessness, parenting, impact of work,
(Links to an external site.)
What’s Love Got To Do With It? (1993) R rating
Topics include: domestic violence, family dysfunction, communication issues, parenting issues, female empowerment
Kramer vs. Kramer (1979) PG rating
Topics include: divorce, family dysfunction, single parenting challenges for fathers, female and male empowerment and growth
(This film is important because of its dealing with divorce at time right after no-fault divorce became available. It also explores how women struggled with the changing expectations of women entering the workforce and the balance of growing as an individual and balancing family and children. It is important to keep the historical element in mind if you choose to do this film).
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If you need assistance with writing your essay, our professional Essay Writing Service is here to help!



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