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Wring Assignment #1 [55 points] Be sure to save a copy of your responses. Answe


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Wring Assignment #1 [55 points] Be sure to save a copy of your responses. Answer all 4 questions. Be sure to support your responses with evidence from the readings and/or web sites. CITE YOUR WORK with in-text citations and a reference page. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE THE QUESTIONS OR PUT YOUR RESPONSES IN BULLT-POINTS – THIS IS A NARRATIVE ESSAY.
I have indicated approximate page lengths to guide your responses. Spell check and grammar check! Email me if you have questions. Refer to your readings, websites and lecture material to answer these questions. You may use outside sources in addition if you choose.
Page recommendations give you a guideline on length. If you go a little over or under, that’s ok. But be aware I will be evaluating for content and whether or not you covered the topic adequately.
Papers need to be 5-6 pages double-spaced, 12-pt. Times New Roman font (or a similar sized font).
1. Reflections on the work of Veblen. [1-1.5 pages] a) Describe Veblen’s idea of ‘conspicuous leisure’? What makes leisure ‘conspicuous?’
b) How is conspicuous leisure evident in modern American society? How might this vary across cultures or subcultures? [You can use differences in American subcultures (rural Midwest versus urban Los Angeles or low-income Los Angeles vs high income Los Angeles, for some examples) or differences in international cultures (American versus Greek, for example). Use examples you are familiar with so you can ground your answers in personal experience, as well as academic writings.] 2. Review the information related to changing definitions of work. [1-1.5 pages] .
a) What is “wage slavery?” Do you think we currently have a problem in the U.S. with “wage slavery”?
b) Consider cost of living, minimum wage, work put in for the money received, etc. What expenses do you think would need to be covered for a wage to be considered a ‘living wage’? Support your answers with materials from the course, your own observations and (optionally) outside materials.
3. As sociologists argue, situating issues within their social context (e.g., historical period, culture, etc.) is important to help understand social issues. Leisure and recreation preferences are no different. From the article “The role of recreation in rural life” by Case: [1-page total].
a) Briefly describe the social context (e.g., what was likely happening at the time this was written) and why would this perspective make sense at the time.
b) Case (and many others at the time) predicted that we would be able to work less as production technologies advanced, meaning we would work for fewer hours/days and would have more time for leisure. Why do you think that these predictions did not come true – be specific and please use examples (draw upon other materials or your own experiences)?
4. From the material related to attitudes and values, in particular those related to social justice (articles and web links), [1.5-2 pages page total] a) What are some of the demographic trends that sociologists or recreation managers need to be aware of?
b) In what ways is it evident that recreation managers are recognizing, or not, the diversity of the population? What could be improved? What are they doing well? Think of all of those that may have limited access due to socioeconomic status, disability, as well as those that may feel uncomfortable accessing recreation areas for a variety of reasons, including cultural.


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