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Write a reply for both posts half of words from each. Jacqueline Morera When de


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Write a reply for both posts half of words from each.
Jacqueline Morera
When dealing with anger, one of the examples is sitting in traffic. No
matter how angry or frustrated you are at the number of red lights you
keep getting, the number of people beeping, the number of cars in front
of you, the distance you are from where you are going, etc., it will not
change the fact that the traffic is due to too many cars on the road at
the same time. Living in Miami, it seems never ending. No matter how
many times you beep, change lanes, tailgate another car, etc., the
traffic will still exist and driving from point A to point B will take a
longer amount of time. Another example for me is dealing with a
complaint or frustrated patient on the phone. Sometimes they let their
frustration get the better of them and they start yelling, being rude,
or simply insulting the employee just because they are not getting their
way. The reality is that if the employee gets angry, yells back, or
uses profanity, you just let an angry person or patient allow getting to
a level where now you are out of a job. Dealing and managing with
emotions can range from feeling multiple emotions at once or simply
being nonchalant.
Ms. Mauss talks about the
pursuit of happiness and how some emotional situations usually involve
multiple emotions. One example is if you are moving out of your
childhood home! While you might be excited to have your own place, more
privacy, no more rules, or siblings taking your stuff and eating your
left overs, now you have a new sense of responsibility, you must work to
maintain that lifestyle, you have chores maybe you didn’t have before
like laundry, or cleaning gutters, and you might miss seeing those
siblings who one perturbed you. You are happy, and excited, but also
sad, stressed, and angry you might not be able to afford to come home to
visit for the holidays this first year away.
Voicing constantly “I want to
be happy” means they actually are not. There is something telling you,
what I am feeling is something I don’t like and I want to change it. I
always remember my cross-fit coach motivating us during our stretches
and warm ups. He would say, “Something woke you up this morning and
moved you to come here and make a change! Whatever that was, that is
your drive. Use it!!!!”
Someone who is not super
happy, or doesn’t show happiness daily, can feel fulfilled and be
satisfied, but they are just monotone. Cross discipline collaborations
involving mental health, physical health, academics, economic decisions,
politics, real world decisions/situations, etc. show how emotions can
affect your personal and professional life.
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Daniella Salas
Daniella Salas
Oct 7 at 11:20am
surprising that I have learned about studying they dynamic nature of
emotional experience and how its studied is that everyone’s experiences
emotions differently. For example, in the video Dr. Mauss speaks about
one of her first studies about how environmental stressor, like noises,
affect people. She found that some people had such extreme responses to
the noises, like feeling sick, and others not being bothered at all.
I’ve experienced the myself, an emotion that may make me feel angry may
elicit a different emotion in someone else.
The emotions that I tend to feel most strongly are joy, empathy,
interest, gratitude, and anger. I normally have no problem in telling
others that I am feeling these types of emotions because they are not
the emotions that I feel ashamed about. The emotions that I normally
repress are anxiety, sadness, disappointment, regret, shame, guilt, and
embarrassment. This is because, to me, these emotions feel like a
burden on everyone else. If I feel these negative emotions around
others I have the potential to ruin the mood and bring everyone else
In the past couple weeks I have been feeling joy, anxiety, hope,
triumph, and contempt. The interview has helped me to better understand
why one emotion can cause me to have a lot of different responses.
Dr.Mauss speaks about how anxiety can cause a person to feel anxious,
look anxious, and your heart may start racing and your brain and central
nervous system respond as well. You can’t study one response without
measuring all the others.
The paradox the Dr.Mauss speaks about is how in their search for
happiness, people tend to become less happy. I think this happens
because they are spending all their time trying to find a fake sense of
happiness instead of having an actual sense of happiness come to them.


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