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You have just been hired as the Facility Manager at the hypothetical “American M


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You have just been hired as the Facility Manager at the hypothetical “American Military/Public University Arena” in Charles Town, West Virginia. The arena seats 65,000 and is used as a multipurpose facility to host events in college and professional basketball, football, and hockey. This is a newly structured arena. As the Facility Manager, you have been asked to develop a Risk Analysis Plan.
Some type of creativity is required. Photos are required. These must be in color and embedded in the text. If you are not certain how to “wrap the text” around the photos I suggest you learn by researching the Internet and looking up tutorials to accomplish this task.
This paper will be evaluated for thoroughness in identifying risks and planning risk reduction strategies. Error on the side of providing “too much” detail rather than not enough. The final paper should be something you could actually use if you were out in the real world. This is supposed to be a Risk Analysis, NOT a report about Risk Management OR a report about a sport facility. Make certain you understand the difference!
Required Format: You need to make certain that all of these are included to receive full points. Failure to include these items will result in a reduction depending on the quality.
Title Page
Table of Contents. Should be organized and comprehensive.
Main Section
Overview of the facility’s operation (minimum of 500 words, approximately 2 pages) with a brief description of the following:
What services are provided?
If more than one type of facility exists what facilities are being analyzed (i.e., parking garage)?
Who are the stakeholders? For example, type of personnel, number of spectators/participants, etc.
How many clients are serviced?
Personnel used for risk management.
Risk Reduction Matrix. This is the main part of the analysis. This section will usually include 1-2 pages of matrices the rest explaining the reduction techniques. Photos with appropriate captions are a requisite for this section (approximately 2-4 pages).
Identify TEN (10) specific risks. These should be either risks you identified as facility manager, or those that you recognize will be there due to your knowledge gleaned from this class. Identify both a financial treatment and a reduction treatment for each risk in your matrix.
Your matrix needs classify each risk: Severity & frequency (high, medium, low)
Use an additional matrix to decide whether to transfer or retain financial risks. Indicate how risk will be transferred (i.e. insurance, independent contractor, indemnification clause)
Use waivers. Provide at least one your facility uses. Be sure and cite where it came from.
Use key words for reduction of risks (i.e. supervisory plan, inspections, in-service education plan)
Any type of facility will have hundreds of risks associated with it. You are required to cover only 10.
Risk Solution Matrix for your chosen risks.
Narrative regarding risk reduction procedures (approximately 3 pages).
Personnel management
Make sure your facility utilizes miscellaneous personnel policies such as drug testing, anti-smoking.
Discuss the facility’s sexual harassment policy. Provide an example of one.
Discuss the facility’s emergency procedures. These should be general procedures for dealing with accidental bodily injuries, natural phenomena, and behavioral problems, not specific first aid procedures.
Include a sample accident report form. Provide one that is sufficient (give citation).
Discuss the crowd management plan this facility has.
Compliance with the ADA (minimum of 500 words, approximately 2 pages)
Complete an ADA Checklist. Expected is a completed checklist to be included as an Appendix.
Conclusion/Summary (minimum of 500 words, approximately 2 pages)
Comprehensive conclusion or summary is needed; not a couple of short paragraphs thrown together.
Must be done in correct APA format.
Any forms used, i.e. inspection checklists, participation agreements, rental agreements, lease agreements, waivers, accident report forms, ADA Checklist etc. For the ADA Checklist Appendix, feel free to include a hyperlink rather than including all pages in your Analysis.
The appendixes should be discussed in order; first is Appendix A; then Appendix B etc.
Appendices should be paginated; need a title page for each
Submission Directions: Please submit your assignment as an APA, current edition formatted, Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx), not an Adobe .pdf, titled “Your Last Name Week 2 Assignment.” For example, the document should be titled: Smith Week 2 Assignment. Please do not paste your assignment into the text box provided within each assignment. If you do not have access to Microsoft Office software, please see the first course announcement titled “Free Microsoft Office 365 Software for APUS Students,” since all students have the ability to download free Microsoft 365 software, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, among others.
Note: All assignments must be original; that is you must be the author, it must not have been used for any other course, and no part may have come from an external site such as Course Hero. All of these are examples are forms of plagiarism, will not be tolerated, and will result, at a minimum, of receiving a zero on the assignment. Please see the “Plagiarism and Honor Code Resources” button on the course home page for more information.


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